Tika Sumpter posts rare pic with partner, slamming haters coming for her interracial relationship

Tika Sumpter, the actress and model best known for “The Haves and the Have Nots,” took to Twitter to upload a photo with her fiancée while defending her interracial relationship.

On October 9, a Twitter user who goes by @thej_miles uploaded a photo of Nicholas James, an actor who, according to the user, was the man who has been in a relationship with Sumpter since 2016.

In that image, “James” appeared to be a couple of years younger, so much so that he looked like a “kid.” The user made fun of the picture, and several others did the same retweeting that post.

Before things got worse, Sumpter replied to @thej_miles’ tweet by saying that the person in that photo was not her partner, pointing out that he should “do better.”

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock


Attached to her response, Sumpter shared a recent photo of herself and her fiancée while pointing out that the “kid” of the previous picture looked super sweet.

The image that accompanied her tweet portrayed a shirtless James taking a selfie and looking directly at the camera while Sumpter was gently placing her nose on his cheek.


Even though the actress and a couple of other users replied to @thej_miles’ tweet telling him that the boy from his photo was not James, he kept blaming her for her interracial relationship.

Another Twitter user, @tom_flies, replied to the mocking tweet about the actress’ fiancée and wrote: “you betrayed me like this??” Sumpter quickly wrote that she never betrayed him, adding that she was just a “girl” who met a “boy” and fell in love.


At the end of her tweet, Sumpter told the user that she hoped he could find someone and do exactly that, and finally shared another image of James posing alone.

Sumpter later shared a tweet with a gif of Jay-Z brushing off his shoulders and the caption: “When people try and put their own issues on you. I’m just going to do what Jay said. Hope you will too.”


Earlier this month, Sumpter uploaded a throwback pic to celebrate the birthday of her daughter, Ella. In it, the actress appeared wearing a bikini baring her huge baby bump.

For the caption, she wished her daughter a happy birthday and wrote that Ella was the best thing that has happened to her and thanked her for “swimming” so fast.

The girl was born on October 8, 2016, only three months before the actress announced that she was engaged to James, who also works in “The Haves and the Have Nots.”

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