Man abandons dog in parking lot and drives off - not even stopping when he desperately chases him into oncoming traffic

A heartless man parked his truck on the parking lot of an animal shelter, and when he noticed it was closed, he just left his dog out, got in his car and drove away. The dog chased him down the road, but not even then the man looked back.

A heartbreaking video of a man abandoning his dog shared by the Hawkins County Humane Society has become viral, and people are horrified by the man’s heartless actions.

The clip, taken from the surveillance cameras of the shelter, show how a truck pulls up to the shelter and a man steps down, he then lets a dog out of the back of the car without a leash, but at the time, the shelter was on quarantine due to a sick dog.

The staff of the shelter stated the man never tried to catch their attention or knocked on the door, he just walked back to his truck with the dog jumping on him and following behind, pushed the dog away, and drove into the highway.


The desperate dog ran off after the truck, getting into the dangerous highway and almost being hit by some cars. By then, the staff of the shelter had noticed the situation, and they went after the dog. HCHS manager Sandy Behnke told the Times-News:

“I yelled (for volunteers) Emily and Laura, and I was running down the highway after this dog swerving in and out of cars chasing this truck. Finally, we got the dog corralled to the side of the road, and got him back to the shelter.”

And added:

“Apparently the dog loved him. He didn’t deserve it.”

After rescuing the dog, they named him Rawhide and shared his story on Facebook in the hopes of finding a new loving home for him.


Days later, the shelter published a letter allegedly sent to them by the man in question, as he explained his side of the story. Rawhide was a stray dog he fostered for a few weeks, but after the dog became aggressive toward the man’s small dogs, he had to give him up.

The man also stated he was going out of town for work, and the dog would be left to his means once again. Part of the letter read:

“The dog was in more danger where it was with exposure to starvation, other dogs, vehicular traffic and coyotes. The dog was brought to the shelter during working hours with the understanding it would be admitted. When it was not, the false impression was given that the man had abandoned his own dog rather than trying to rescue a stray.”

And added:

“The man wanted to assure others he loves dogs as much as they do, understood their response, and said he didn’t mind being thought of temporarily as the bad guy since, in the end, it helped get the dog adopted, which was the goal in the first place.”

Benhke said he she believes the man’s story, but he should have known better than just to dump a dog in a parking lot if he was so worried about its well-being. "Obviously that’s not the right way to do it. If he had tied the dog to a tree in the shade, I would have felt a lot better about it,” she said.

Rawhide is about two years old and will be neutered in the next days to be put in adoption. Thousands have come forward to offer him a new home, and the HCHS have expressed how grateful they are for all the love the pooch is getting.


On a similar sad note, a dog named AJ couldn’t stop crying after realizing his family was abandoning him.

A Facebook video broke hearts all over social media, as the pit bull and Labrador mixed dog looked shaken and sad when his previous family took him to a shelter because they couldn’t take care of him anymore.

Luckily for AJ, he was adopted a few days later, but the video reminds people that animals, and especially dogs, have real feelings and when they become attached to a  human, being separated from them can deeply hurt them.

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