October 12, 2018

This classic scene from 'I love Lucy' movie will take you on a stroll down memory lane

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Lucille Ball always had a knack for making people laugh and this clip from the "Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" is bound to make you crack up as well.

In the famous scene, Lucy can be seen getting into a fierce war with a hammock, which, as everyone knows, can be something very hard to get into.

The scene found its way into the internet through Youtube, where millions of people will be able to enjoy it any time they want.

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In the clip, Lucy and Desi, as well as the Mertzes, of course, are visiting Alaska and they all end up cramped into a hotel room with only one bed available.



Back in the day, people weren't allowed to share the same bed on TV since those were different times and society had a completely different mentality.

So the four characters had to be a little creative when it came to sleeping time; Lucy definitely got the short stick because she ended up with the hammock.



Although sleeping in a hammock sounds a million times better than sleeping on the floor, the truth is that Lucy struggled a lot with it.

It is hilarious seeing how Ball managed to create such a comedic effect with just a hammock and a couple of falls. Sadly, the actress is no longer with us, having passed away back in 1977.



But the talented beauty isn't the only star that Hollywood is currently missing; Derrick O'Connor, who starred alongside Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in "Lethal Weapon 2," also passed away.

The actor drew his last breath on June 29, 2018, at the age of 88, from pneumonia. Aside from Gibson and Glover, O'Connor worked with Schwarzenegger in "End of Days" and with Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest."