Baby girl instantly switches from a smile to her 'mad face' in adorable viral video

Mary Scott
Oct 15, 2018
06:24 A.M.
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One baby girl had the internet in stitches with her epic “mad face.” She also has the amazing ability to switch from “sweet” to “sour” in seconds.


Facebook/Emani's World

You’d better watch your step around little Emani. One look at the cute tot might have you going “aww” but the next moment could have you puzzled over what ticked her off.


In a hilarious video shared on Facebook in 2015, Emani is seen in a cute pink onesie and an equally adorable smile.

But then, a woman is heard saying, “Show me your mad face,” and the switch comes in an instant. Her face contorts into a frown immediately.

Facebook/Emani's World


The woman bursts out laughing, as Emani reverts to smiling.

“Show me again,” the older woman says.

Again, and instantly, Emani displays her angry look, prompting another round of laughter from the woman.

DailyMail reports that, according to “Click 2 Houston,” Emani was seen in the video at nine months old.


The station also noted that Emani’s mother, Chavi Retland uploaded the video and wrote on Facebook:

“Listen, I am DEAD ok!!! Lolol this lil girl is a character!! I don't know WHERE she learns this from!! Smh! ‪#‎thedoll ‪#‎Emani.”

Retland's Facebook profile also indicates that the clip was taken in the Detroit area. The post has garnered 103,000 views, but it was also shared on Retland’s page, where it has over 6 million views and 212,000 shares.


Some of the comments that trailed Emani’s video include:

“I like how the baby laughs after. She definitely knows what she’s doing. Cute.”

“This is the only video I’ve ever looked at like 50 times! So damn cute! I think the moms laugh and the way the baby smiles after she does get mad face is what makes it so funny.”

“I look at this video everyday like it’s the first time I’ve seen it! She is too adorable with her mad face! It’s so funny cuz she actually did a little laugh at herself!”



Meanwhile, one little girl was ticked off for real after her mother made her sister “cry.” In a video that quickly went viral, the adorable tot was seen at a restaurant with her mother, Melissa Nunez, and her sister Emma.

Melissa pretended to scold Emma, who was also in on the prank. However, Emma’s feisty little sister had no idea how to tell the difference between fake and genuine tears.

YouTube/Jukin Media

She pinned her mother with angry stares and swiped at her hand as she repeatedly yelled, “No Mommy! No!”

The hilarious video and the rest of the story can be found here.