Family of 6 goes viral for dinosaur-themed pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy reveals are the "in" thing right now, and this family of six chose to step it up a notch by having an extravagant dinosaur-themed announcement. 

Nicole Berkley, a resident of Aubrey, Texas, absolutely adores dinosaurs. That is why when she learned she was pregnant with her fifth child, she made sure to get in on the pregnancy announcement trend by dressing her entire family up as dinosaurs - and we don't mean just generic dinosaur costumes, but life-sized t-rex costumes. 

After her family's photos went viral on social media, People was able to conduct an interview with Nicole, and she said: 

“My family, we’re all pretty big Jurassic World fans … We wanted to do something that was fun and fit with our personalities. So, I came up with the idea to do dinosaur costumes with our pregnancy announcement.”

Of course, she made sure to head to Amazon to order T-rex costumes for her entire family, but it took a bit of convincing for them to get in on the trend with her. However, before she got them to agree, her husband and kids thought that she was crazy. 

“They were like, ‘We’re gonna get in costumes? It’s not Halloween.’ My kids thought I was nuts.”

In the end, her 26-year-old husband Daniel, and their 4 children agreed to dress up, as they can't say no to a pregnant woman, obviously. So on a rainy Texas day, the family of six headed to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano to pose with a sonogram of their latest family member. 

“People walking by were stopping and taking pictures and videos of us. It was a spectacle. The kids braved it and it was phenomenal. It was amazing and it turned out to be one of the funnest sessions ever. We had so much fun in these costumes.”

As soon as their photographer Susan Garrett sent in the photos, the Berkleys laughed at them. Of course, the expectant mother had to share it to the rest of her family and friends, so she posted it on Facebook. She didn't think it would garner hundreds of likes and shares since she posted it, but now her unborn child and the rest of her family are an internet sensation. 

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