3-year-old cries when she finds out her twin sister is one minute older in adorable viral video

Alexis and Ava McClure have been taking the internet by storm with their adorable twin dynamic. However, like all siblings, the little girls sometimes have some disagreements and one of them ends up crying. Like that one time Alexis found out she’s younger than her sister.

The adorable twins became famous with this YouTube video, and now, two years later, is still one of their most viewed YouTube clip. They were 3-years-old back then and their mother, Ami McClure sat them in front of the camera to discuss what it means to be twins.


When asked if they knew what being “identical twins” means, Alexis stated “adorable,” as their mother giggled behind the camera. Then Ami proceeded to explain to the girl that they look like the same person, urging them to look at each other’s faces and see that they look the same.

Source: YouTube/ McClure Twins Family

Source: YouTube/ McClure Twins Family

The girls were not wowed by the information, hugging and smiling to each other. However, that changed when Ami asked “who’s older?” and Ava instantly yelled “Me!” smiling wide while Alexis looked confused.

Ami told them that Alexis was born one minute after Ava, which makes Ava older. But Alexis was not happy with the information, immediately pouting and sulking because “I want to be older!” as she said.

Source: YouTube/ McClure Twins Family

Source: YouTube/ McClure Twins Family

“You’re one minute younger. You don’t have to cry, I can’t make you older — she was born first by one minute,” Ami explains, but Alexis keeps silently wiping. To comfort her sister, Ava touches Alexis’ chin while telling her “I’m just one minute older. That’s it!”

However, after Ami finally calms Alexis down, the tables turn as she makes the girl stand up to see who’s bigger and discovers that Alexis is a few inches taller than her twin. Now is Ava’s turn to sulk, as she says she also wants to grow like her sister.

Source: YouTube/ McClure Twins Family

Source: YouTube/ McClure Twins Family


Ami and Justin McClure, the twins’ parents, created their channel as a way of spreading positivity with the world. However, a few months ago the family was involved in a controversy after some Twitter users dig out some racist tweets made years ago by Justin.

He’s white, and Ami is black, so people attacked the man for his comments. In a video posted to their channel, Justin apologized to Ami and the audience, explaining that back then, he was young and dumb and that he has learned from his mistakes.

Ami cried, but forgave Justin because she says he’s no longer the same person he was all those years ago. She also revealed that the man isn’t actually the father of the twins, at least not genetically, but he’s the one who’s raising them and the only dad they know.

The family has moved on from the controversy now, and the twins, now 5-years-old, keep on delighting the internet with their adorableness.

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