'I'm too old': desperate plea of an elderly man who was thrown to the floor by a youngster

A new viral video, reportedly taken earlier this month, is doing the rounds and shows pensioner thrown to the ground. 

A bystander recorded the incident in Alcester Road, Birmingham, and shared online where it quickly gained traction. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. The pensioner from Moseley could be seen telling his assailant: 

“Please! Please! Please! I’m too old!”

Source: Birmingham Mail

Source: Birmingham Mail

Concerns have been raised about society's willingness to record such a violent incident without stepping in to assist the pensioner. 

A younger man can be seen grabbing the pensioner and pushing him around, before shoving him to the grown. 

The senior man can be heard saying that he is too old before he gets but the assailant didn't stop. 

Source: Birmingham Mail

Source: Birmingham Mail

His assailant then swears at him, saying: "So you can't [expletive] around, you [expletive.]"

The pensioner can then be seen lying on the sidewalk while several bystanders can be heard saying "This is out of order."

Netizens have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure, with one user known as Shelly remarking that more people could have stepped forward to help him. 

Source: Birmingham Mail

Source: Birmingham Mail

Lee Ingram said it was heartbreaking to watch and added: "Our abuse is endless and from all angles, we need all hands on deck to beat this."

Another user wanted to know if it was racially motivated, while Ian Jolley wanted to know: "Why was it filmed." 

Another user wanted to know what is "wrong with people" and added that sane people would have helped the pensioner. 

Another said: "If every bystander stepped up and took this utter sack of [expletive] on he would be locked up now! How can anyone standby [sic] and watch this happen?"

A user known as Joan Braithwaite questioned the type of society that would film such vile action without stepping in. She added

"I brought my son up to respect there [sic] elders, and he would never treat any Human like that."

The incidents leading up to the confrontation are still unclear, and neither men have been identified at the time of writing. 

Mirror has reached out to the West Midlands Police Department and Detective Inspector Jim Church are asking members of the community to help track down the attacker.

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