Old man leaves shop staff open-mouthed with vile racist rant towards a black security guard

Jaimie-lee Prince
Oct 22, 2018
10:27 P.M.

A London man was kicked out of a Sainsbury's after displaying drunken behavior. His racist attack was caught on film by another shopper.


In the clip uploaded to Facebook, the pensioner stood facing the security guard of the London supermarket chain. Staff and other shoppers surrounded the two.

The incident took place on Woolwich Road somewhere between Greenwich and Woolwich. According to Metro, it happened last Friday night.

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Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos

Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos


"What are you [expletive] doing here?" the racist man yelled. The security guard didn't respond as he continued:

"You're telling me what to do. I belong here. You don't. [Expletive] off."

Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos

Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos


At first, no one reacts to the man's verbal abuse. Then another staff member stepped in and said "Hold on, what's that supposed to be?"

"What I just said. He's telling me what to do! You heard what I said. I belong here."

He continued:

"I'm trying to get served. It's got nothing to do with you."

Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos

Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos


With that, the camerawoman intervened saying: "The man is doing his job. It's not about where he comes from."

After warning the man not to start on her "because [she] was born here," she gave some context to the situation.

She said, "there's kids in this shop, who wants to serve you? [Expletive] cheek. Do not serve him, this is out of order."

The staff then stepped in and told the man they would not be serving him. In a slew of curse words he screamed:

"[Explective] you, [expletive] this shop, [expletive] the lot of you."

Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos

Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos

He was then escorted out of the store.The woman behind the camera commended the staff saying "Well done, guys."


The man made a final insult before he left. Near the door, he said, "This is why this [expletive] country is in the state it's in."

Sainsbury's have expressed that they are aware of the video.

Source: YouTube/ PressTVUK Videos


The incident comes soon after an elderly black lady was verbally attacked on board a Ryanair flight last week Thursday.

David Lawrence filmed and uploaded the occurrence to Facebook. In it, a white man is expressing refusal to sit next to a black woman.


A flight attendant attempted to defuse the whole thing, but the man is reluctant to calm down.

The man at one point said, "Don't talk to me in a foreign language," and referred to the woman as a cow.


Eventually, the victim agreed to move elsewhere on the plane. Other passengers called for the man to be removed, but he remained on board.

The flight was going from Barcelona to Stansted. In this scenario, the decision taken by staff was heavily criticized.

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