October 23, 2018

'The 10 most important things I learned after I lost my son'

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On August 18, two years ago, Richard Pringle lost his 3-year-old son, Hughie. The Hastings, East Sussex, toddler passed away suddenly after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Last year, after the anniversary of his son’s death, Pringle reflected on his loss. He compiled a list of 10 things that he learned after losing his son.

Richard Pringle explained how his son died saying:

"He had a brain condition but was doing so well. There was only a 5% chance of a bleed but unfortunately that 5% chance happened last year and he didn't survive."

The mourning father described Hughie saying:


"He was soft, gentle, caring and so lovable. He made the boring things fun. He made everything fun.”


For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Pringle also shared that his son’s death had left them with “the most incredible memories.”

The father has two other children and his grief caused him to reflect deeply. He came up with the 10 most important lessons that the tragedy had taught him.


Pringle shared these with the hope that other parents will be moved to never take their children for granted. He also wished for these lessons to be shared far and wide.

1. The father of three learnt that one could never “kiss or love” your children too much.

2. Make time for your children, even if it’s for 1 minute.


3. He reminded parents to take as many pictures and videos they could because one day they might be all you have.

4. Pringle advised that one shouldn’t be focused on spending money on your children but, rather spend time because memories last forever.

5. Whether you sing well or not, the father advised singing with your children as those moments will make the best memories.


6. Cherish the simple things like “bedtimes, reading stories and dinners together.”

7. He shared that you should kiss the ones you love goodbye every day because you’ll never know when it’s the last time. 

8. Pringle wrote that life was too short to not have fun, whether you’re doing shopping, driving, or just walking to the store.


9. He shared that parents should keep journals on the amazing things their children did every day. Pringle revealed that he and his wife now kept one for their other child Hettie and they were going to do it for Hennie too.


10. “If you have your children with you. To kiss goodnight. To have breakfast with. To walk to school. To take to university. To watch get married. You are blessed. Never ever forget that. “

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