Kandi Burruss dragged for allegedly paying hired model $150 while she earned $91K

Kandi Burruss, the celebrity best known for “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” received backlash after an Atlanta model talked about “unfair pay” as Kandi tried to hire him for only $150.

The incident took place soon before the celebrity star released a promotional video for her sex dungeon-themed party that earned her $91.000 in four days.

In the clips that the model, who goes by the name of Swift, shared to social media, he slammed Kandi for “lowballing” him. He set clear that the “RHOA” star offered to pay just $150 for her “Welcome to the Dungeon” party.

Apart from that, Swift addressed all the models who appeared on the project for such a low amount of money asking them to know their worth instead of focusing on getting several likes on social media.


“Worrying about how big your numbers are on instagram but not worried about how big the numbers are in your bank account. We need to eat too!" confessed the model.

After turning down Kandi's low offer for a five-hour gig, Swift advised his fellow models to learn to refuse such jobs and find a balance between getting a good payment and gaining followers on social media.


“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to a party like that for that price. It’s got to amount to more than just social media. Why can’t we both have a nice check and a nice following.”

Swift made sure to point out that he was not working for likes but to eat, which was why he was asking for a better payment in such cases. He added that models who accept such low fares were devaluing the market.


Even though Kandi didn’t address the situation directly, Swift said that the mashup video that the “RHOA” star posted about haters was probably directed to him as there is one part of it that says: “It’s money Monday, go get it!”

He even reposted the video and wrote the following in the caption: “Here’s the subliminal response from the ATL legend herself. I guess I’m a hater or maybe you’re the haters for supporting me/yourselves/this situation. Who knows?”

“But I’m about everybody getting money and having success! So I’m not sure how this is hating. I’m just working on pushing the culture forward in the industry to get paid what’s fair and more is fair for a job like this,” Swift continued.


In a recent interview Kandi had with Essence, she talked about all the pregnancy rumors that have been surrounding her and her family. Before pointing out that she was not pregnant, Kandi said that they were “definitely trying to figure out ways to grow our family.”

One of the main things that made people believe that the “RHOA” star was pregnant was a trailer of the show, wherein Dr. Jackie Walters asked her if she was married. While Kandi said no, she was later portrayed crying and saying that it was weird to talk about it.

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