Billionaire James Packer opens up about his past relationship with Mariah Carey in a new book

James Packer and Mariah Carey had a highly publicized split in October 2016. In his new book, Packer finally gives the public insight: "I had become toxic."

The owner of several casinos in Australia, Packer always has a lot on his hands. In his biography titled "The Price of Fortune: The Untold Story of Being James Packer," Packer revealed what he went through with Carey.

"By the time the Israel so-called Case 1000 had become public, the Chinna arrest and Crown's sale of Macau had occurred and the breakup with Mariah had happened, I had become toxic."

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Packer, 51, spoke with author-journalist Damon Kitney to put the book together.

He described Mariah as being "fun at first" and "insanely bright." He also said, "she was kind and she took an interest in my life."

But it wasn't enough to deal with the mental health issues he faced. Shortly before the two's February 2016 marriage date, Packer fell into a deep depression.

It was exacerbated by the businessman's messy dealings with his sister following their father's death. Packer was forced to make a settlement that would land him in a large amount of debt.

Meanwhile, Packer "felt he needed to cut the cord" with Carey, according to Kitney. The pressure of the wedding was too much amid everything else. He revealed: "I was in a bad, bad way."

"I then head back to the boat, Mariah and I break up and Mariah gets off the boat," Packer said.

Things only got worse. Carey at first requested a $7 million dollar payout in the divorce agreement. But when she thought that Packer had divulged the settlement terms to the public, she increased it to $70 million.

In his book, Packer insisted he "had absolutely nothing to do with the story."

Along the way, a woman named Kylie Lim entered Packer's life and helped him get through.

The model turned socialite entered during Packer's divorce from Carey. Lim became a confidant and a travel buddy. The two went to Bora Bora, Cabo, Capri, Ibiza, and other getaways.

Over time they developed a romantic relationship. They are now considering settling down in Los Angeles so Packer can be close to his kids.

Meanwhile, the pop diva has also moved on to a young boyfriend named Bryan Tanaka. At 35 and 48, the couple was seen back in April 2018 showing lots of affection to each other.

Carey has opened up about her mental health issues and how it impacted her.

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