October 24, 2018

Louisiana soldier and girlfriend arrested for the alleged murder of his wife

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A 24-year-old and an active duty U.S. soldier have been arrested after the man's deceased wife was found in his trunk. Authorities received a tip while the accused were looking for a spot to dump the body. 

"We got a call about 9:30 p.m. [on Sunday] from the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office saying that a woman and a man were driving around with a body in their car, looking for a place to dumb it," Tony Mancuso, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff said.

According to KATC, the deputies found the car on North Franklin Street in Lake Charles soon after the call. When they searched it, "sure enough there was a body in the trunk."


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Source: 7 KPLC News

Officers arrested 22-year-old Logan Kyle who resides in Port Folk. They also detained Sara Parker, Kyle's alleged girlfriend. The police booked Parker with obstruction of justice and failure to report a homicide.


Parker had been driving while Kyle was in the passenger seat. The latter reportedly admitted he had killed his wife. Parker was fully aware of it and was helping him find a place to hide the body.

Source: 7 KPLC News


In addition to the two adults, Parker's two children aged one and two were in the back seat of the car. Mancuso pointed out:

“What disturbs us about that as law enforcement officers is, you know, when we come in contact it would not be abnormal for us to draw our weapons on what we consider a felony stop. If we had to shoot into this car or they shot back at us or for some reason we could have injured two innocent children.”

The children were taken into state custody by the Department of Children and Family Services. Parker will likely receive more charges over time due to her reckless actions.

Source: 7 KPLC News


They transferred Kyle to the custody of the U.S Criminal Investigation Division. The police acknowledged that they were lucky enough to have received the call.

“This was certainly an interesting investigation. In many cases, we don’t get a call until the body is actually found. We actually got this one before it was dumped which made it easier."

He added:

“We are very fortunate that we were actually able to find them with the body and it makes it that much easier for us to investigate and, of course hopefully, with the prosecution of it.”

Source: Wiki


The name of the victim remains under wraps due to a 24-hour waiting policy following the notification of next of kin.

In another horrific murder, a young man named Christian Rivera also confessed to killing his schoolmate back in August 2018.

The victim was 20-year-old Mollie Tibbets. Her story hit several media outlets following her disappearance on July 18, 2018.

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Tibbet was jogging before she disappeared. Rivera followed her by car and said he blacked out at some point. When he awoke there was blood in the vehicle and Tibbet's body was in the trunk.

He was charged with first-degree murder. Tibbet's exact cause of death was not revealed immediately after her death.


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