Frightened owl was caught in fishing line, but bird's reaction after rescue is pure gold (video)

A golf superintendent named Craig Loving, decided to rescue a large horned owl that had become entangled in a waste fishing line at the club where he works.

The staff of "Lost Creek Country Club", located in the Austin area, was so moved by the rescue that they shared a video on their Facebook page, which showed the owl trapped near the first box.

The bird had been sitting in the same place since the previous night without being able to move and in danger of drowning. Fortunately, a couple of club employees noticed that its wing was caught in a fishing line.

When Loving went to work that morning at the club, he learned about the situation the owl was in and he heard that the staff was trying to find wildlife experts to come and rescue it, but none were available.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

The man could not bear to see the terrible situation the animal was in and volunteered to rescue the owl. And so with that determination, Loving put on his boots and went into action. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

The worker got into the water with a pair of pliers in hand and prepared to release the owl from the trap in which it had been trapped, so he started cutting the fishing line first.

Source: Facebook / Lost Creek Country Club

Source: Facebook / Lost Creek Country Club

At that moment he realized that the line was still wrapped around one of the wings of the poor bird, so with slow movements, the golf club employee closely inspected the wing of the animal.

Despite being a bird of prey armed with powerful claws, the owl was relatively calm and offered no resistance during the rescue mission. However, the animal turned occasionally to see Loving while he was trying to find the cable and untangle it.

After making sure that the bird was completely free of the wire, the dedicated worker used the handle of a shovel to pull the large owl out of the water safely and leave it on dry land.

The bird stood still with his savior for a few minutes after being released, as if showing his gratitude for having saved him, to finally fly away after having spent all night trapped.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Loving said that although the task seemed a little intimidating, he knew that it was necessary to save the animal from the dangerous situation it was in. He confessed that he felt fear especially when the owl showed him his beak in a threatening way, but he felt satisfied to have released it.

Owls are definitely mesmerizing animals, they are beautiful birds and they are found nearly worldwide. Although it is hard to believe, some people have made a close friendship with these raptor birds.

That is the case of this cute little girl who was recorded while she trade kisses with a gigantic owl. The video shows hugs and kisses exchanged between the little girl and her best friend, a snowy owl. That’s the same kind of owl that Harry Potter has as a pet on the film.

The little girl showers her friend with affection and it seems to reciprocate to an extent. Though it is known to be a bird of prey, the owl seems to have a soft side as proved by the exchange in the clip.

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