Duke and Duchess of Sussex laugh until they cry at Tongan students' mosquito dance

Rodolfo Vieira
Oct 29, 2018
11:15 A.M.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were presented with a funny performance by the Tupou College Boys' choir and the Duchess just couldn't contain her laughter.


The royal couple continued their string of engagements in Tonga, and while most of them were serious, the song about mosquitoes was simply too funny for Meghan to handle.

As it can be seen on the video, which was uploaded to Youtube, the Duchess of Sussex couldn't keep a straight face while watching the choir perform their piece.

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Harry and Meghan, who are expecting a child, were in Tonga to dedicate two of the rainforests surrounding a school to the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy.

But, although the moment was a serious one, Meghan was left in stitches when the students started singing a song that was supposed to frighten off any mosquitoes nearby.



Tonga is one of the countries that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise not to visit unless absolutely necessary due to the dangerous Zika virus, which mosquitoes are responsible for.

The Tupou College Boy's choir's performance was full of buzzing sounds and flying actions, which caused Meghan to laugh and giggle behind her hands while occasionally glancing at Harry.



After the song, the Duke of Sussex went on a walk through the Tuloa forest, but Meghan didn't accompany him due to the risk of contracting Zika.

Earlier that day, Semisi Taurlangi Fakahau, the Minister for Agriculture, delivered a speech in which he spoke about the importance of protecting the rainforest due to its rare flora and fauna.


At the end of the walk, already with Meghan by his side, the Prince had the opportunity to see one of the rarest species of the rainforest - a parrot called Koki.


Prior to their Tonga visit, the Royals were able to enjoy some private time at the fabulous Vatuvara Private Islands resort, in Fiji.

The island is believed to be unforgettable by Faiyaz Koya, Fiji's Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, who said that it was an honor to be able to welcome the Duke and Duchess because of how loved they are by people around the world.