Girl chooses 40s song for blind audition and forces judge to turn his chair after her first words

Anna performed an incredible rendition of a 1940s hit, and every one of the judges turned their seats so rapidly.

In 2016, the little girl stepped onto the famous stage of "The Voice Kids" and brought down the house with her powerful version of Judy Garland’s classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

The judges wondered whether Anna would be able to live up to the expectations of this iconic song. But she showed her true strength within a short period of time.

As she begins to sing, Anna immediately wins the heart of the first judge with actually not single word sung.

Source: YouTube/The Voice Kids

Source: YouTube/The Voice Kids

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She has not finished singing the first lyric of the song before the second judge turns his seat around.

Source: YouTube/The Voice Kids

Source: YouTube/The Voice Kids

The two remaining judges let the young lady sing for a little bit longer. However, after 45 seconds of her performance, they couldn’t help but turn around as well.

Anna truly puts her heart and soul into her singing. It seems like she's already a megastar.

Source: YouTube/The Voice Kids

Source: YouTube/The Voice Kids

Since the video was published on YouTube, it has been viewed more than four million times.

Another talented young girl who managed to wow the judges with her performance was Connie from Sheffield.

Connie was filmed singing her soulful rendition of Whitney Houston’s classic hit song “I Will Always Love You” during the talent show at The Beachcomber.

Robert Blyde, the manager of The Beachcomber, told Lincolnshire Live that the girl's performance was "phenomenal."

“She sang Whitney Houston. It was a woman’s voice inside a child. It was phenomenal," he said. “I was blown away.”

However, according to Blyde, the girl may not return to the venue to perform in the final because she had already been approached by the hit television show, "The Voice Kids."

Beachcomber’s Got Talent is one of the most popular local programs which run throughout the summer until the end of September.

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