Barely breathing kitty stuffed in a bag of trash and dumped in park was miraculously saved

The Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital Facebook account shared the heart-breaking story of a kitten that was found barely alive trapped in a trash bag all alone.

The first photo of the post showed the little black cat in the middle of a muddy field covered by the plastic bag. The rest of them showed her in the veterinary hospital being cared for by a member of the staff. Her appearance was completely different.

The hospital made sure to thank the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for saving the little friend, whom they called Lennie, from her death. They added that the kitten suffered head trauma, had flea anemia, and a broken leg.

Given the fact that it was not clear how long Lennie had been in the bag for, her future was uncertain. After spending a lot of time pouring her with care and love, the vets managed to save her life.

“Her wounds will heal with time, and she will have a home with one of the officers who found her, and his family, who will foster her until her adoption is made final through Bloomington Animal Care and Control,” revealed the Veterinary Hospital on Facebook.

Finally, they added that the Olivia fund would cover the cost of Lennie's treatment through the Monroe County Humane Association. Later, Deputy Bennett Dillon of the Monroe County Sheriff, who found the kitten, shared his side of the story.

Source: Max Pixel

Source: Max Pixel

When he approached the plastic bag and saw the cat, she was barely breathing and had blood in her eyes and ears. He immediately wrapped her in a blanket and took her to the Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital, the rest is history.

Even though abandoning an animal in such condition is one of the worst things that a human being could do, Lennie was not the only cat which was close to dying thanks to a twisted-minded person.

Nicole Paling, founder of Every Life Matters Cat Rescue, drove to the Mountainside Animal Clinic in Burlington when one of the cats she looked after went into respiratory distress. Even though the clinic was closed, Paling had access as a voluntary and was going to administrate oxygen to the cat.

However, once she parked in the building, she noticed a kennel. Thinking that someone might have forgotten it, she got closer, and found a poor kitten with a lot of duct tape covering her entire head, only with a small opening on her nose.

Paling went immediately into a panic attack and called her boyfriend, Brett Norton, to the clinic. Once the man arrived, they set up the difficult task of freeing the kitty from its duct tape prison. When the duct tape was removed, Norton and Paling searched for any other injuries, but aside from being dehydrated and with particles of the tape on her fur, the kitten was okay.

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