Jeannie Mai flaunts fuller curves in skimpy, black bikini & robe after weight gain in new photo

Jeannie Mai exposed her curvaceous and fuller body in a recent Instagram pic, as she promotes a new brand of period friendly panties for women. Just a few weeks after the start of the fifth season of “The Real” and a heated discussion with co-host Tamera Mowry.

The Emmy Award winner looks stunning rocking a golden robe, with a black bikini and bra underneath, as she poses in front of a window with a brush in her hand and the sunlight casts on her body amazingly, enhancing her toned legs and abs.

“I've been getting so many messages about the @shethinx panties I posted this week, I had to extend my discount and share more styles. This undergarment saves me when I get my monthly visits, (no more ruined pants, bedsheets..!),” she captioned the photo, promoting a new brand of panties that help empower women and gives education to young people “who menstruate” worldwide.

Fans took over her comment section to praise her fuller curves and revealing outfit.

One user wrote “Damn Jeannie... Didn't know you had curves...thanks for gaining a lil’ weight,” another added, “Aaaaw am loving the new you. Curves are made for you. You look like a million dollars,” and a third one said “Never thought being on your period would look so hot!!! Get it @thejeanniemai I need a whole YouTube video of your workouts...Thx! My Asian sista!!!!!”


Back in May, Jennie opened for the first time publicly about her weight struggles, revealing that, for years, she was bound to keep her weight on 102lbs, controlling her intake of food obsessively as not to gain more pounds.

“I stayed at that weight because it’s what I thought I should be because I’m already small and I also lost a lot of weight since high school,” she told PEOPLE.

“I used to be a not-healthy 130-lb. girl, all in my stomach, all in my arms so I lost the weight, and I stayed there then I became a control freak about the way I was eating, and it just became the norm.”

Mai gave a 180-degree change to her lifestyle, and now she’s eating things she never allowed herself to have before and is following a routine at the gym that will help her build mass and muscle without looking buff.

“My goal is to develop curves on my body,” she said. “I never had curves. Now I want to round out my knees, I want my thighs to be just solid, and I want a nice good tush, I want to crack walnuts with my butt.”

After sharing her struggles through an Instagram pic showing off a side to side comparison of her body in the same golden dress, Jeannie’s friends showed her all their support, including her co-hosts on “The Real,” Adrienne Baylon, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry.


It was with Mowry that Mai got into a heated discussion last month after the two women had to agree to disagree on a topic that caused quite the stir on the Internet back then: whether Bert and Ernie, two of the most beloved character on “Sesame Street,” are gay or no.

Mowry, a mother of two, stated that children who are watching the show are certainly not thinking about the genitalia of the puppets they see. “They’re puppets,” she stated strongly. And continued:

“Are you teaching my children how to be friendly and create amazing friendships? That’s what really matters. I don’t care if they’re brown, yellow, orange — whatever. What is the message?”

Jeannie, on the other hand, was more than ok with the characters being labeled as a couple. She said:

“I learned watching “Sesame Street” how to speak English, and Bert and Ernie were my best friends. I believed in them, and I learned from them, how to have a healthy and happy relationship. I learned how that relationship works. So when “Sesame Street,” says they’re not gay, it says to me that being gay is not OK. That’s the problem. That’s the problem with this situation.”

There was a tense moment between the women, and “The Real” didn’t even release footage of the exchange, as they usually do. But a few hours later, both stars assured fans that they were okay, posting pics with each other on their respective Instagram accounts.

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