Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became rivals during a fierce 'boot' competition

The Duchess of Sussex dominates in New Zealand a friendly 'wellie wanging', the noble sport of throwing rubber boots very high and far away.

Meghan Markle demonstrated on Tuesday, October 30, an unexpected talent for 'wellie wanging', an unusual but relatively widespread sport in New Zealand.

It is a rural sport in which the pitcher has to get as far as possible a rubber boot of his shoe size and that is believed to have originated in England. But it is popular in a few countries of the Commonwealth, Finland, and Russia.

Meghan played with a pregnant belly that can barely be seen, threw her red boot with white polka dots without much difficulty and with great force. In doing so, she beat her husband, with the background applause of the children of her team.

The victory of Meghan, who received a small trophy in the form of a rubber boot, served as the culmination of the opening of a forest over the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy, a project born in England to create a reforestation network for the 53 Commonwealth countries in the name of Elizabeth II.

Meghan also planted with her own hands a kōwhai, the New Zealand tree whose name comes from the Maori word for "yellow", because of the vibrant color of its flowers. That is the same traditional flower she picked to represent the country on her stunning wedding veil.

The royal couple is in the last moments of their 16-day tour of the Pacific, which took them to Australia, Fiji, Toga and, finally, New Zealand. Then, due to pregnancy, the protocol will not allow such extensive trips outside of England.

So far, in New Zealand, they have met with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, met with young people involved in mental health projects and learned about the challenges the nature of New Zealand is facing.

The news of the pregnancy was announced after the couple's arrival in Sydney on Monday, October 15. The dukes make a 16-day tour of Australia; according to the staff of the Palace of Kensington, that tour would not be altered by the first pregnancy of the former American actress.

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