Dad gives the best relationship advice to his son and it goes viral

This story involving a father’s lesson for his son has one of the most takeaways for a happy life and healthier relationships.

Once there was a boy who easily lost his temper at even the smallest of things. His parents loved him well but were worried about his hot-headedness. As a result of this behavior, he also didn’t have many friends, which was a big concern for the parents.

However, despite his anger issues, he did manage to find a nice girl with whom he quickly got married.

Now the parents were even more worried for his son because they knew that without his ability to control his temper, his relationship would not last long.

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Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

So, one day, the father invited his son over and made him an unusual request. He said, “Son, today I’m giving you a hammer and a bunch of nails. From here onwards, hammer a nail in the fence each time you get angry.” The son agreed to his father’s request despite finding it quite odd.

On the first day following this, the son drove 37 nails into the fence. But with each passing days, the number of nails decreased.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Apparently, the son found it harder to drive the nails into the fence than to control his anger. As a result, he started to hold back his temper a lot more.

One day, the son proudly visited his father and explained that he had now gone several days without hammering a single nail in the fence.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

The father was delighted, but he had yet another request for him. He now asked the son to pull one nail out of the fence each time he manages to hold his temper.

Several days passed and, eventually, the mastered over his temper while pulling out all the nails from the fence during the process.

He visited his father and told him about his accomplishment. The father was proud yet again, but now was the time for his real lesson.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

He asked his son to follow him to the fence. There, he pointed toward the fence and told his son, “You have done a great job, my son. But just look at these holes on the fence caused by the nails you hammered into them. The fence will never be the same again.”

The son then realized that the unthoughtful words spoken during the moment of anger can cause a permanent and irrevocable damage.

Sometimes, giving practical lessons to children rather than feeding the same old stories from book turns out to be much more effective. So, many parents take such a creative approach to give their children important values in life.

In another similar incident, a mother used a tube toothpaste to creatively give her daughter values regarding the power of spoken word.

This story was published on Bored Daddy.

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