Here's why some people bury one of these statues in the yard when trying to sell their house

Nov 07, 2018
11:35 A.M.
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According to popular belief, people can seek for a little divine intervention by burying a statue of St. Joseph while finding a buyer for their real estate.


St. Joseph is believed to be the patron saint of carpentry and, by its extension, of real estates and homes. So, burying a statue of St. Joseph can do miracles to get a piece of property sold, according to Shared. 

People who are not being able to sell their homes or piece of land can appeal to the saint by burying his statue in their yard, the source further suggested.

There are as many different procedures for burying the statue as there are varying ritual beliefs. However, most people agree that the statue must be buried in the corner of the yard.


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Furthermore, while burying, it should be put upside down, facing the front door. It can also be buried in a flower bed.


Appeals have a better chance of being heard if one also offers up a prayer to St. Joseph, the source informed. However, there are as many Catholics who ridicule at such tradition as there are those who hold it to be true.

In his popular book, "Saint Joseph, My Real Estate Agent," author Stephen Binz wrote about a man who dumped his statue of St. Joseph as his property was not getting sold. Later, he discovered in a newspaper that the local dump was getting sold.


The source further informed that the tradition of burying the statue of St. Joseph began in America somewhere around the late 1970's.

In another incident, a woman who moved from Maryland to Arizona reported that after paying the mortgage for her unsold home in Baltimore for eight months straight, she sent a statue of St. Joseph to her agent. Within just two weeks of the burial of the statue, her house was sold.


Back in 1955, something similar happened with Betsy Moyer, who was trying to sell her house on Lake Avenue in Baltimore. After the house going unsold for around seven months, a friend suggested her to bury the statue of St. Joseph.

Only a week after this, a group of nun visited her house. Three months later, it was sold at a price that was the highest in the area.

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