Thousands protest as Melania and Donald Trump come to Pittsburgh in wake of massacre

Donald and Melania Trump visited Pennsylvania. They attended a memorial for the victims of last week's massacre. The Trumps' presence incited protesters to fill the streets.

They were joined by Donald's daughter Ivanka Trump, 37, and her husband Jared Kushner, 39. Kushner is a Jew himself and Ivanka converted to Judaism for the pair to get married.

The group visited the Tree of Life temple in Pittsburgh where they were greeted by Rabbi Jeffrey Myers. Myers later told CNN that "The President of the United States is always welcome."

According to Express, he said:

"I'm a citizen. He's my President. He is certainly welcome."

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Protesters were less inviting of the POTUS as he honored the victims of the worst anti-Semitic attack on US soil. Democratic Mayor Bill Peduto, another Jewish figure, was also against the visit.

The anti-Trump crowd numbered over 1,000 people. On paper, over 70, 000 critics had signed an open letter stating that the President was "not welcome" in Pittsburg until he "fully denounces white nationalism."

The letter originated from local Jewish leaders. Other non-congressional leaders rejected Donald's offer to attend the memorial alongside the President. They originated from both Republic and Democratic parties.

The protesters shouted chants of:

"President Hate, leave our state," and "Words have meaning."

Their signs pointed to a belief that Trump's speech is a part of the reason for increased hate crimes. The signs said:

"We build bridges not walls," "Trump, Renounce White Nationalism Now," and "Trump's lies kill."


Prior to his visit, the First Lady, 48, tweeted a message about the horrific attack saying: "My heart breaks over the news out of Pittsburgh."

The President also tweeted about the attack. He said: “All of America is mourning over the mass murder of Jewish Americans at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh."


Robert Bowers, 46, entered the Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday during Shabbat services. He shot down 11 worshippers and injured six other persons.

According to BBC, he was charged with 29 criminal counts and is in the custody of US marshals. He waived an initial hearing and is set for another hearing on November 1.


Meanwhile, the Trump administration has referred to a 4,000 strong caravan of asylum seeks as an "invasion." In retaliation, Donald declared he will send out over 5,000 military troops to combat the unwanted runaways.

They hail from Central America and are expected to arrive in about two months. With the midterm elections drawing near, Donald has defended himself against politics connotations.

"This has nothing to do with elections," he said.


Donald is also calling to revoke the citizenship birthright for children born in America to non-citizens.

Most people are against the President's intention to change the 14th Amendment right. Even those who regularly take his side leaned towards the constitution.

Director of the Immigrants’ Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union in New York, Omar Jadwat, pointed out the obvious legal factor:

"If you are born in the United States, you’re a citizen." He said it's “outrageous that the president can think he can override constitutional guarantees by issuing an executive order."

Source: YouTube/ Associated Press

Paul Ryan, House Speaker told WVLK radio that, "you obviously cannot do that. You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order.”


The President is not only being shut down for such important matters. He's also being banned from certain music.

Musician Pharrell Williams instructed Donald to refrain from playing his song "Happy" at any of his political events.

He sent a cease-and-desist letter through lawyer Howard King. It followed Donald's use of the 2014 hit during a rally in Indianapolis.

The rally came just 11 hours after the Tree of Life synagogue massacre. The letter referenced the attack saying "There was nothing 'happy' about the tragedy inflicted upon our country on Saturday and no permission was granted for your use of this song for this purpose."

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