Markle shares a brilliant smile as she showed off her baby bump in an unusual outfit

Duchess Meghan dazzled in a traditional Maori costume and a dree that emphasized her baby bump.

Duchess Meghan, 37, and Prince Harry, 34, have been visited Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji during a 16-day tour.

The final leg of their tour has been in New Zealand, where the couple attended a traditional Maori Powhiri ceremony for greeting guests in Roturua.

The ceremony which involves traditional dancing and singing and the Duchess was given special regalia for the occasion, reported on Twitter on October 30, 2018.


Duchess Meghan was gifted with a Korowai, a Maori cloak which is worn as a mantle of prestige and honor. The Korowai is a garment which has been made since early Maori times and is woven or made from traditional materials like flax and feathers. 

This particular Korowai was made especially for the expectant mother as a protector, to envelop her in strength, warmth, and ahora - which is love in Maori, (love)."  The special necklace was a gift to the Duchess


Around her neck, the Duchess wore a beautiful Pounamu necklace from Maori designer Kiri Nathan, a gift from New Zealand's Governor General Patsy Reddy. Pounamu is a greenstone found only on New Zealand's South Island and is traditionally said to  "affirm relationships, peace, love, and safe journeys/life."


Under the striking cloak, the Duchess wore yet another perfectly chosen outfit. This time it was an elegant Stella McCartney navy blue dress that emphasized her growing baby bump, teamed with a pair of stylish Manolo Blahnik BB shoes in navy suede.


On their last day in New Zealand, the Dukes of Sussex traveled to Rainbow Springs to visit a Kiwi bird breeding programme. Kiwis are New Zealand's national bird, and the rare bird is now endangered. The Dukes named two newly hatched chicks, as preparation for next Spring.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry will be returning to the United Kingdom, and are expected to arive sometime on October the 2, 2018, after a 24-hour flight.


Ever since Kensington Palace announced Duchess Meghan of Sussex' pregnancy on October 15 2018, the world has been eagerly waiting for the Royal baby bump to show.

The Duchess is thought to be between four and five months along in her pregnancy, which means that she is due sometime in March or April of 2019.

On her tour of the Antipodes, the Duchess started to wear form-fitting clothes that allowed her little bump to start showing. On several occasions, she was seen tenderly cradling her sweet baby bump. 

In Fifi, the bump had visibly grown, and people started to speculate about Meghan's due date. At the Maori Powhiri ceremony for greeting guests in Roturua, the Duchess' baby bump was even more evident and seemed to be emphasized rather than hidden by the striking cloak of protection gifted to her by the Maori.

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