'Baby Shark' toddler who melted hearts with her Alexa request steals the show again on 'TODAY'

Ra'eesah Manack
Nov 02, 2018
11:43 A.M.
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Heart-melting "Baby Shark" toddler once again steals the show. In the video below, she wows the "Today" show audience in awe.


Two-year-old, Zoe Turner, had first captivated YouTube users when she had an adorable interaction with Amazon’s Alexa. She was attempting to ask Alexa to play ‘Baby Shark’ by Pinkfong.

Alexa could not understand the command and offered other solutions. But little Zoe wasn't giving up and turned to her mum for help. Her mum eventually stepped in and asked Alexa to play the song.

Alexa eventually found the correct song. In response, the little girl grinned gleefully and laughed. 


Zoé then began dancing to the opening tunes of her song in their kitchen. The tiny tot in her yellow coat and floral legging clapped her hands mimicking the original "Baby Shark Video.

Her mum then posted the adorable video to Facebook. It went viral and had been watched by over 300,000 people on youtube.



 After the success of the video, the family appeared on the "Today" show on Tuesday. Once again the little girl stole the show.

The toddler demanded the song from Alexa. When it came on, she led everyone in the studio in a rendition of the ‘Baby Shark’ dance.


She was dismayed when Alexa stopped the song to update the system. Zoe threw her hands in the air and looked anguished.

Her parents told the presenters that the song demand is a regular one from little Zoe. Her dad also conceded that it gets stuck in his head and he sometimes catches himself humming the tune to himself.




The repetitive nature and upbeat rhythm of the song from PinkFong make "Baby Shark" popular amongst kids and adults. According to PinkFong, “Baby Shark” has been watched over 3.3 billion times.

The version with the children demonstrating the baby shark dance has over 1.6 billion times alone. The phenomenon has spawned the #BabySharkChallenge where people create viral dance tributes to the song.


By now, the song is already stuck in your head and you're humming:

"It's the end do do do do do... It's the end!"