Scared little dog who kept running away finally has the perfect home

Pedro Marrero
Feb 08, 2019
04:59 P.M.
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A volunteer from a rescue center received a call on a rainy afternoon when she came to look at what was happening she found a scared Chihuahua.

Sabrina Wilkerson is a volunteer of the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego County. She received a phone call from the owner of a liquor store about a Chihuahua who took refuge under a piece of furniture in his store.

It was a stormy afternoon and when she arrived she found the dog hidden under a few bottles of orange juice. When Wilkerson tried to get close, he showed his teeth. He was very nervous!

The rescuer managed to get the dog out of its hiding place and put it in the cage. Then, she took him to an emergency vet check and there she realized he did not have a microchip.


She decided to take him home for the night. Her intention was to adopt him, but the puppy had to be taken before to a shelter warehouse to give a little time to its owner to claim it.


The next morning she took him to the cellar but did not put him in a cage to transport him. As soon as she opened the car door, the dog escaped.

"I tried to catch him, and many of us tried to catch him too... but he just disappeared and we lost him," she told The Dodo.


In the midst of her sadness, Wilkerson made posters and distributed them in the area. In the night she received great news: a woman found the dog and took him to the shelter.

The rescuer ran to the shelter in the morning and was relieved to see him there. Now, he had to stay for several days waiting for someone to claim him. But that did not happen.


Then Wilkerson picked him up and took him home with her to give the dog a home to stay until someone adopted him. There, he could enjoy a good stay and she would make sure that he does not go near the door.

The work of Sabrina Wilkerson in Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego County has been an adventure that helped her discover her true passion in life. From there she saves and improves the lives of the Chihuahuas.


 "This trip really started for me when we wanted a dog friend for our cat, Bella. Jonathan and I adopted Max from the Chihuahua Rescue in San Diego in 2008. He is such an incredible kid... the rescue saved his life and I am very grateful. "


This other story is also very moving; when the Hope for Paws organization went to find Holly and rescue her, the little dog was so scared that she didn’t stop shaking and growling all the time. It was evident that she didn’t trust anyone.

But her rescuers didn’t think to give up with her, so the man came slowly and began to caress her with a blanket to slowly gain her trust. It took a lot of effort, but he managed to become her friend.

Rescuers took her to the shelter, where she received a well-deserved bath and was transferred to her new home. This opportunity transformed her completely.