Nurse who dressed as Beyoncé for Halloween was fired because of racism

Rodolfo Vieira
Nov 01, 2018
12:44 P.M.
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A nurse named Shelbi Heenan has been fired after posting a photo of herself and her husband, Jasmond Heenan, wearing blackface for Halloween.


The photo was a part of the spookiest night of the year, but the only scary part of it for Shelbi was losing her job after suffering quite a lot of backlash.

As reported by KCTV5, St. Luke's Health System announced that Shelbi was no longer employed at Saint Luke's East Hospital due to the racist photo.

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According to the picture's description, Shelbi and Jasmond were impersonating Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and for that, they used blackface to achieve the full effect.

The photo has since been deleted; in fact, Shelbi deleted her entire Facebook account due to the number of hateful responses that it originated.



In the pic, Shelbi could be seen sporting a wig and a sparkly skirt, with dark make-up covering her face and hands to look the part.

Jasmond went heavier on the make-up department and wore a beanie hat, as well as chains around his neck in order to look like the famous rapper.



Although they were having fun and smiling for the camera, little did they know that they were about to stain their reputation. 

According to Andrea Tudhope, a Twitter user, Shelbi's husband wasn't immediately identified, but a high school classmate, who is yet to be named, helped make his identity known.


Lynese Sade, one of the people outraged by the costumes, reached out to St. Luke's Hospital, in Kansas City, which ended up being determinant to  Shelbi seeing her contract terminated


Blackface is no laughing matter; it is racist and highly disrespectful, even though some people don't think so. Megyn Kelly, the famous host, was one of them.

Kelly's show at NBC has been canceled every since she claimed that wearing blackface was just fine as long as someone was impersonating a character and that she didn't consider it offensive at all. Now, her presence at the network is being discussed by the board.