Teen and her 5-year-old brother shot while trick-or-treating in Philadelphia

Monica Otayza
Nov 02, 2018
12:57 A.M.

In what was supposed to be a fun activity for a teenager and her 5-year-old brother, they ended up in the hospital after they were shot and grazed while trick-or-treating.


In Philadelphia, it turns out something as innocent as trick-or-treating is now a dangerous activity after two minors were injured in a shooting while they were walking around their neighborhood last Wednesday night.

At around 6:20 pm in the 5700th block of North Hope Street in Olney, two men began shooting at each other when the two siblings were struck by the surrounding gunfire. The siblings, 5-years-old and 14-years-old, were confirmed to be trick-or-treating when the tragedy happened, as the chief inspector found a plastic pumpkin container splattered on the floor with the candy spilled out just inches from the shell casings.


Philadelphia CBS local confirmed with Chief Inspector Scott Small and he said:

“We know that they were trick-or-treating because on the crime scene just inches from this shell casings we found a plastic container, a pumpkin, with the candy spilled out.”

The 5-year-old was shot on the leg while the 14-year-old was grazed by a bullet to the leg.


Captain Malachi Jones of the Northwest Detective Division says that it doesn't get worse than this when it comes to the absurd availability of guns with little to no regulation.

“It doesn’t get much worse than this. This is a five-year-old kid we’re talking about. It’s just awful. Total disregard for public safety, total disregard for children out trick-or-treating. It’s just an awful set of events.”


Victims were soon after transported to an area hospital. The older sister has been released, while the little boy is in stable condition at Saint Christopher's hospital. Concerned and worried mother Dominique West also made sure to share updates about her children, saying:

“The police officers that were there, came in talked to my son, gave him candy and everything, because the most thing he was sad about was he went out to get candy and he got shot. He won’t be walking until who knows he’s okay. My daughter is at home she’s okay."

Due to this traumatic event, she also said that her children have no interest in trick-or-treating ever again, as all they ever wanted was some candy.

To date, there have not been arrests made, and no weapons have been recovered.

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