Baby who wears bags as diapers because his mom can't afford nappies moves the internet to tears

Pedro Marrero
Nov 06, 2018
12:33 P.M.

The woman in charge of a children's free dinner in Argentina went to Facebook to ask for help on behalf of a poor boy. But fortunately, the response was immediate.


In Argentina, recently, the moving story of a one-and-a-half-year-old baby who is forced to wear rags wrapped in plastic bags instead of diapers has shocked social media. However, the child received the help he so badly needed.

It was thanks to a post on the Facebook page "Mendocinos en Alerta," by a woman named Sandra Salinas, who oversees the process of a children's diner in Pedriel, Argentina, which turned the baby's story viral.

In the publication, Salinas asked for help on behalf of a mother and her three children ages, six, three and one and a half year, respectively. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.


"I need if you can help one of my children," Sandra said. "He's a baby who is only 1-year-and-a-half and is using diapers made out of cloth and nylon ... he uses XG of any brand ... and also milk of any brand, (...) thank you."

The sad situation of the little baby was quickly spread by social media users, who soon began to offer an abundance of disposable diapers for the baby.

"I'm alone, I'm rolling around here," says the mother, Ayelén, 23 years old. The father of her children died, and the man's family kicked her out of her home. "The family of the father of the children ran me from the house when he died and they have not helped me with anything," she explained.


Only her own parents provide her with some kind of financial support, which is scarcely enough for her to live, but it is reported that both of them also go through precarious economic situations.

She added that it has cost her a lot to get a job since almost all her time is occupied with household chores and raising the three small children.

The mother also explained that it is thanks to the dining room that Sandra Salinas operates that her children can have at least two meals a day. For her part, Ayelén manages with some tea and the occasional soup at night. "The big guys hold more," she explained.


The Salinas dining room, called "Pequeños Gigantes", began in 2016 feeding only 3 children, and currently serves 110, as well as a woman of advanced age.

Sandra organizes the dining room, located in the Estacion Cuadro, and serves the meals with the same attitude of solidarity with which everything began.

The world is full of hard situations like the one that Ayelén is going through. Recently, in France, a mother and her 18-month-old baby were forced to sleep in a car for 2 months after being evicted from their home.


At a time when the government presented its anti-poverty plan, this family had to sleep in their car. In July they abandoned their house they rented for two years in 1993. The owner decided to make renovations but did not renew the rental of this family.

At the last moment, they were forced to leave their homes without finding another one and since then, they have been sleeping in their car. Because they also don’t have family or friends to whom they can ask for help.

This story reminds us of a police officer that went above and beyond to help a family sleeping in their car. He took the family to a hotel and paid a couple of nights out of his own pocket.


The father was very grateful for David's generosity and humanity. The officer also inspired him to help and serve other people who may need a helping hand.

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