Missy Elliott brings on the nostalgia with epic Halloween costume in recent video

Missy Elliott kept it simple for this year’s Halloween costume but succeeded in bringing her fans to tears and taking them down memory lane. See the video below.

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We’ve seen many costumes this year- the spooky ones, the funny ones, and even those that paid homage to iconic figures. But Grammy Award-winning rapper, Missy Elliott, chose to do something different and just went as herself.

In a video uploaded on Twitter, Missy, whose real name is Melissa Elliott, wore a shiny black coat zipped all the way up. She couldn’t find the blow-up trash bag suit associated with her particular act and the coat had to do.  

The famous rapper paired the outfit with large hoop earrings and her slick, well-laid hair.

Her colorful makeup and long nails completed the look as Missy attempted to recreate a performance of her 1997 hit track, "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)."

Missy accompanied the video with a message to her followers:

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I figured I’d be Missy Elliott from “The Rain” video but the 2018 version. I couldn’t find my blow up suit so just threw on my Versace coat and I had no effects just my crazy ass.”

The video blew up on Twitter in no time and now has over 13,000 retweets. Fans showed up in the comments to reminisce about one of the 90s most iconic videos. Several fans even tweeted their versions of the look in reply to Missy’s post.  

One Twitter user wrote:

“When I tell you that you are iconic I MEAN THAT! You transcend generations, this video is 21 years old and is still being recreated every #Halloween! Oh and @MissyElliott tomorrow is Nov 1st so are we getting a new song snippet?!?”

Another chimed in:

“Imagine being so iconic that you’re yourself for Halloween. Wow. GOALS.”

Missy, 47, released “The Rain” on her debut album, “Supa Dupa Fly” in 1997, and the track sealed her superstar status.

Before that, Missy was in an all-female R&B group and had worked on other artists’ songs, but “Supa Dupa Fly” went platinum and according to High Snobiety, signaled “the beginning of Missy Elliott’s hip-hop reign.”

As it turned out, Missy’s garbage bag look in the iconic video was not a mistake. She revealed in an interview:

“To me, the outfit was a way to mask my shyness behind all the chaos of the look. Although I am shy, I was never afraid to be a provocative woman. The outfit was a symbol of power… I loved the idea of feeling like a hip-hop Michelin woman. I knew I could have on a blow-up suit and still have people talking. It was bold and different. I’ve always seen myself as an innovator and a creative unlike any other.”

Go, Missy!

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