Loving dad gives autistic daughter heartwarming report card after she got bad school grades

Mary Scott
Nov 02, 2018
04:10 P.M.
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The internet has hailed one quick-thinking Australian dad after he made a world-class report card for his autistic daughter. His heartwarming action went viral on Twitter and is inspiring other dads.


Putting in all your best at school and still getting poor grades can be a bummer for any kid, but for Sophie Jackson, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, it was even more devastating. The 10-year-old received all D’s and cried because according to her, she had “let everyone down” with her grades.

Her father, Shane Jackson, saw how distraught his girl was and decided to lift her spirits. Shane told Yahoo7, “Sophie and my partner were so upset, mainly because she had tried so hard.”


The doting dad, who is also the national president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, admitted that “Sophie loves her teacher” and appreciates the support she gets from school, but he was determined to have her feeling better. Shane then decided to make up a report card of Sophie’s excellent qualities and listed the things he valued beyond the school curriculum.

In a June 27 Tweet, Shane shared the photo of his “report card” where he scored Sophie an A for being funny, loving dogs, “fighting with the boys,” and drawing and making robots. He also awarded an A+ for Imagination and being the best daughter ever.


Shane’s tweet quickly went viral; it now has almost 13,000 retweets and over 66,000 likes. The post also garnered over a thousand comments, with many users commending Shane’s parenting and some saying they’ll adopt the approach.

“Thanks, Shane. You just gave me the solution to my year 6 son's reports,” wrote one person.


The dad was also approached by various media outlets interested in covering the heartwarming story. When some Twitter users urged Shane to share photos of Sophie’s drawings, it inspired more praise for the young girl who is incredibly talented.


In response to the overwhelmingly positive reactions on his post, Shane wrote:

“For everyone who has liked and retweeted this - thanks so much, we are overwhelmed. Thanks also for all those people who have liked Sophies artwork.”

Sophie now has a Twitter account for her artworks, one of which is a glowing report card for her amazing dad. Expectedly, she scored him an A for “loves me.”



Last month, a Twitter user also posted a video of himself yelling at his kid over a report card. The caption said “I don't usually yell at my kids. But he deserved it.”

However, the video shows the dad praising his son for doing well in school. The boy also has a huge smile on his face because he knows his father’s proud.