School principal tries to stop a fight, but gets bodyslammed and kicked in an attack by students

On Monday, a brawl broke out at the Oakville High School. A 15-year old and two 16-year old students began fighting in the cafeteria at the St. Louis, Missouri School.

Vice Principal Brian Brennan was in the cafeteria when it broke out and he tried to intervene. However, he was dragged into the fight and assaulted.

A video has shown Oakville High School Vice Principal Brian Brennan being tackled to the ground as three teenagers fought. The clip showed other students laughing and clapping while the three teenagers repeatedly kicked Brennan on the floor.

Other students filmed the fight in the cafeteria and posted it on Snapchat. None of the students attempted to help the vice principal.

Source: YouTube/Charlton

Source: YouTube/Charlton

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Another staff member tried to assist to no avail as he too, was dragged into the scuffle.

A security personnel also got involved as he tried to separate the brawling students. One teenager aged 15 and two 16-year-olds were arrested after the confrontation.

Source: YouTube/Charlton

Source: YouTube/Charlton

After the incident Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Bressler said:

“Administrators and a school resource officer intervened to break the fight up. All students and staff are okay. Obviously we take all fighting serious. We would love to see fighting stop in all high schools.”

Bressler added:

“Safety is our priority and we're always looking into how we can support students so they don't resort to violence.”

Source: YouTube/Charlton

Source: YouTube/Charlton

Brennan was taken to Urgent Care, according to the police.  The Mehlville School District shared that their mission was to build a culture of improvement for their staff and students.

In a letter to parents, district officials stated:

"We understand that video of the fight has been shared on social media, and we've received several calls checking on the welfare of our staff and students. All of our staff and students are OK."

Source: YouTube/Charlton

Source: YouTube/Charlton

The three students who were involved in the fight won't be charged as they are juveniles. The case was taken to the St. Louis County Family Court.

After the incident, Principal Jan Kellerman sent a letter to parents to reassure them that their children were safe at the school. He did this after the school received a number of calls from parents who were anxious.

It’s possible that the students involved might be expelled from school. Brennan seemed to be fine the days following the incident as he retweeted a post from the school that showed him smiling in a selfie with students.

In a similar incident, a video showed a teacher picking a boy up after he challenged him by bumping into his chest. After pushing him back, a fist fight starts that leads to the boy trying to hit t the teacher’s face.

The altercation only ends when two other boys interject after seeing their classmate get lifted up and slammed onto the desks.

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