Boy with Down syndrome amazed users with his dance and costume while hooked up to machines

The internet has unanimously crowned a one-year-old boy with Down syndrome as the winner of this year’s Halloween. More than his costume and dance moves, folks are also impressed with his spirit.

One-year-old Exton Black has many health complications, but from the adorable Facebook clip of him dancing in a Halloween costume, you couldn’t tell a thing.

Exton is obsessed with the viral Pinkfong children’s song, “Baby Shark” and he’s not alone in this. The catchy tune has already passed the billion-mark for views on YouTube and kids everywhere are chanting it, but it is Black’s story that makes his video all the more significant.

His mom, Savannah Shayne Black, gave CBS News some background into her son’s life.

“[Exton] has a crazy medical history,” she said. "He is our miracle and such a fighter."

Exton had only been alive for four days when he was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and as though that was not enough, he was also born with holes in his heart and was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

Savannah said her son needed open heart surgery but soon after they brought him home, his health began to deteriorate. She added:

"At three weeks old, Exton went into heart failure and at four weeks old he was not responding to any medicine to help. [Doctors] discovered he has a very significant type of tracheobronchomalacia, which is basically a floppy or collapsed airway. Exton's was 90% collapsed."

Exton eventually had to depend on a ventilator, which is visible in the video. Exton’s joy in the clip is so full that you might overlook the medical aid as part of an elaborate costume.


And it appears Exton inherited the joy gene from his family. Despite the health challenges faced by their son, the Black family refuses to be downcast and maintain a bright outlook on life.

Savannah insisted:

"[We] have been living life to the fullest with our miracle child who just so happens to have Down syndrome and be on life support! He makes this lifestyle easy for us as his family! He is so full of joy, and we are so blessed for every second we have with him!"


The proud mom said Exton likes to be the center of attention and can often be found dancing, especially to “Baby Shark.” Savannah revealed that all you have to do is turn on the music and Exton starts to dance and squirm. His love for the viral song made Exton’s Halloween choice an easy one.

The Alabama toddler, in turn, wowed the internet with his dance moves and radiant smile. Watching Exton will melt even the hardest heart, and his mother made sure to film the adorable scene.  

“Look what we caught in our pond,” Savannah captioned the October 29 clip seen below. Since then, the post has been shared over 800 times and has been viewed 74,000 times.


Like Exton, 30-year-old Stefan Xidas also has Down syndrome and impressed social media users with his rendition of the national anthem at a baseball game.

Xidas stepped up to the pitch at Wrigley Field to sing the national anthem in front of 40,000 fans, and despite his condition, delivered an energetic performance that was hailed by spectators.

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