January 17, 2019

Terrified woman shares photos of unexpected finding in her laundry room

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Snake catchers remind people to be mindful during Spring because of it being active snake mating season after recent frightening snake encounters. 

On November 3 it was a hot day in Queensland’s Moreton Bay region. Rebecca Begley from Samford had been catching up on chores and left a door open for some ventilation as they do not have air-conditioning.


Begley entered the laundry room and was suddenly faced with an eastern brown snake curled up in the sink. The time was around noon, the hottest time of the day, which could have prompted the snake to enter the house.

Caught off guard, Begley got a fright and retreated, phoning up Steve Brown from Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocations, to come and remove this venomous snake.

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The eastern brown snake is well known, and also the second most venomous snake in the world, so she was not going to take any chances.


Steve arrived around noon on the Saturday and expertly caught the snake without delay. It was however not the end, Begley phoned Steve up again the next morning asking him to return.


Two more eastern brown snakes were waiting for Steve upon his return. The first snake, the larger of the two had been at the front door pushing on the glass trying to gain entry.

The second snake, believed to be a female had been in the courtyard ‘tapping on the window,’ but slithered off by the time Steve arrived.  Steve explained the snake activity and said:

“If there is an influx of snakes this time of year around your place there’s a possibility there is an ovulating female close by, which the males can smell causing an increase of snakes around your property.”


Snake catching Steve also advised people to keep their windows and doors shut and to be mindful in closing doors behind you if you go outside and added:

“If you spot a snake indoors don’t try to attempt to catch it yourself – call a licensed snake catcher.”

On the Gold Coast, snake catcher Tony Harrison had a similar message after an unnerving incident and said:

“The males are on a mission to find a female and they’ll travel out in the open, across roads, people’s backyards, everything. Their common sense goes out the window.”


The incident that prompted his comments came after Aleisha Mitchley found a one-meter eastern brown snake slithering into her fourth-month-old Sophie’s bedroom and Aleisha said:

“I couldn’t believe it can climb, so it was climbing in through the window. It was up around the bassinet, in her cot, it was all over. It was petrifying, I was very scared, I didn’t know what to do.”

Rattled, Aleisha thought of what might have happened had Sophie been in her cot, which she normally was at that time of day.

Thankfully Sophie was safely in another room and all ended well. Keeping doors and windows closed will go a long way to avoiding confronting a dangerous reptile in your home.


In another part of Australia, a Brisbane family got an enormous fright when two tangled up snakes crashed through the ceiling in their home. The family promptly contacted Snake Catchers Brisbane, who sent catcher Lana Field to safely remove the snakes.


The two male coastal carpet pythons, measuring 1.75 meters each were most likely competing for the rights to mate with a nearby female. Field remarked that the beginning of Spring triggers an increase in snake activity.

Being mindful and heading the advice of the snake catchers might help avoid unwanted situations.