Serena Williams' daughter looks adorable in flowery dress in recent pic with the star's 'grandbaby'

Claudine Varela
Nov 07, 2018
08:28 A.M.
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Serena Williams' daughter plays with her famous doll in their family garden in her latest photo.  She seems to have found a new play area after her mother recently complained about the mess in their living room.


Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia looks ready for some fun under the sun in her latest photo. The one-year-old dressed in a floral dress holds on to her famous doll while walking barefoot outside their home. 



It was only last month when Serena revealed her struggle to keep her living room tidy with a baby in the house. She posted a photo where she’s standing in the middle of chaos with her hands up in resignation. 

“I used to have a living room. Now I just have a playroom,” she wrote to accompany the photo showing Olympia’s toys scattered all over.  A barefoot Serena seems to have given up the fight to keep her living room clutter-free. Not with a one-year-old taking over the space. Serena took comfort in the fact that she’s not alone in her struggle. Fans empathized with the tennis superstar in her comments section. 


The devoted mom was also grateful to all her followers after she recently reached the 10 million milestone. 

“For my 10 million followers, thank you!” she expressed along with a photo of herself and her daughter playing in a sandbox. 



Now it appears Olympia has taken over their family garden too.  The little toddler was recently photographed outdoors with her famous doll, Qai Qai. Olympia held the doll with one hand as she tried to navigate her way through the grass without shoes. She wore a pretty dress with floral patterns in green, white and pink. Her short curly hair appeared lighter under the sunlight. 

The photo was posted on her doll’s own account @realqaiqai and was simply captioned with the hashtag “#WCE.” 



Qai Qai has become an Instagram influencer ever since Serena began sharing images of the toy in its own account. The family "grandbaby" has over 22,000 followers and is known for the funny situations she ends up in. Several photos in the past show her stuck in between the couch’s cracks, lying face down on the carpet, and using crutches.  A controversy even emerged accusing Olympia of abusing her doll and Serena took the complaints into account claiming equal responsibility for the doll’s safety.