Have you ever seen 'square waves' in the ocean? This is what it means

Nov 12, 2018
02:54 P.M.

Sea waves are one of the most beautiful things everyone loves to observe while visiting the beach. However, there are times when they can bring danger and it is important to understand the difference.


According to research, even the simple kinds of waves at the sea can mean danger if they are square in shape. Although they are not too common, waves in the form of chessboard-styled squares is a sign of caution.

These waves are actually called a “cross sea,” which is formed when waves collide from different angles resulting in the square shape.

The images of square waves may be gorgeous to look at, but if one is in such water where there are square waves forming, it is generally a good idea to get off the water immediately.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

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They can be harmful, and even lethal, in some situations, because underneath these waves powerful currents are being formed which can even throw large ships up in the air.


They are formed when waves from one weather system continue to move in the same direction despite there being a shift in the wind. This causes the waves made by the new wind to run at an angle that creates a dangerous pattern.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Ships or boats are made to hit the current head on. Unfortunately, when the current of the waves hit from all different angles, which happens in the case of these square waves, the ship or the boat cannot sail or function.

Despite this, cross seas also create dangerous riptides, so it is wise to not be in the water when this natural phenomenon occurs.


Although these phenomena do not happen often, it is important to understand their pattern, and the reason for their formation, to stay safe.

Meanwhile, Shared also reported about other several other unique oceanic phenomena that are as surprising as the cross sea.

Nature has always captivated humankind with many of its unique phenomena that occur across the world. Even a simple natural process such as weather condition can sometimes surprise and shock us with its magnanimity.

Here are some of these most shocking weather incidents from around the world that will keep us questioning our understanding of nature.

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