Texas football player's grandmother dies in the stands at his football game

When the old lady collapsed in the stands in the middle of the high school football match, the teenage players showed their true spirit in a beautiful display of love and understanding.

74-year-old Dolly Joyce Dodgen suffered a heart attack while she was enjoying a game between two Texas high schools on which her 18-year-old grandson Ethan Davis was playing, according to Rare.

The heartbreaking incident took place on November 2, when the Hawley Bearcats were playing against the Forsan Buffaloes, as a player’s mother shared on a touching Facebook post.

As paramedics arrived at the scene to try to help Dodgen, the Buffaloes learned that the accidented woman was one of the Bearcats’ grandmother. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

“In the midst of the unknown and the worry, our Forsan Buffaloes walked across the field to join the Hawley players and they all prayed together. So many times these kids/young people are criticized for the way they are, but last night they showed us how things are done.”

-Rebecca Medina, Facebook, November 3, 2018.

The game was delayed while the ambulance came to take Dodgen to a hospital in nearby Big Springs, where she sadly passed away later that night with Davis by her side.

Although she didn’t make it to watch her grandson’s team win the game, she had the chance to watch Davis make his big catch that extended the Bearcats’ lead to 16-0 minutes before she fell out of consciousness.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

“Dolly loved sports, especially watching the Hawley Bearcats play football. Dolly was a strong encourager to everyone around her. She was the complete example of a lady, and her contagious smile will be missed daily by all of us,” reads her obituary.  

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

It is a very difficult time for Davis, who had lost his mother to cancer a year ago and was living with his grandmother since then. As Medina put it in her post, his story is “a vivid reminder of the unpredictability of life.”

One of the beautiful things about sports is that it shows what humans are made of, not only by testing the players’ skills but also giving us the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the players’ souls.

In 2015, a high schooler named Grayson Bonomo was injured in the middle of a football match and had to be sent to the emergency room. What his teammate did for him afterward resulted in a viral publication.

While Bonomo was stretchered out of the field his friend Dillon Goedeck got down on one knee on the side of the field and offered up a prayer that his friend would be alright.

Goedeck’s thoughtful act was caught on camera and sent to Bonomo’s mother, who posted to social media, making the story go viral for all the right reasons, showing another example of young people showing theycare for others.

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