Outrage after Army puts down over 1,000 old military dogs

Nov 10, 2018
08:40 A.M.

People from the United Kingdom, and now all over the world, were enraged after they learned that more than a thousand Army dogs had been put down since the beginning of the Afghanistan War.


According to the new figures that had been revealed recently, 1,042 dogs were put down from 2002 until 2017.

The information was made public after someone requested it under the freedom of information act.

Outraged activists and campaigners expressed their shock by the numbers and have been petitioning to have the dogs re-homed after service.


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For years, the British Army had been using hundreds of vigorously trained dogs to sniff out bombs and locate insurgents.

After their service, the dogs are “de-trained” and are re-homed, but there are instances where some dogs are put down because they are too dangerous.

Former Royal Marine Paul Farthing now runs a dog re-homing charity and exclaimed that the figures are “absolutely horrific.”


Speaking with the Daily Star Sunday, he said, “Any dogs that worked for the British military to help save lives in the various conflicts around the world, where they have served alongside a human handler, should be given every opportunity to ensure they are provided a decent retirement.”

A spokesman from the Ministry of Defense explained, “Military working animals provide an invaluable service to our troops, and every effort is made to re-home them at the end of their service life. Decisions are taken following an extensive assessment of the animals and any potential new home.”


The spokesman added that there are indeed moments where it is impossible to find a safe home for the animals.

In 2017, the Defense Secretary halted two Army dogs from being put down. The dogs saved countless lives during their service in Afghanistan.

Many protested after plans of giving the dogs lethal injections surfaced. Gavin Williamson intervened and had urgent talks with dog handlers at the Ministry of Defense afterward.


The dogs, Kevin and Dazz, who both sniffed out bombs for many tours, retired from frontline service in 2014. Since then, they were placed under the wing of the Defense Animal Center in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

In another dog-related story, a rescued dog was screaming every time a person came too close to him.

It only stopped when the dog came across a woman who refused to leave the pooch alone. She gave him the love and care that he was severely deprived of.

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