Obese mom insists she's 'healthy' after gaining 76kg to please 'feeder' fiancé she met online

Mary Scott
Nov 09, 2018
09:50 A.M.

An obese mom living in Australia has left viewers and social media users stunned after appearing on TV to say she’s healthy. Her fiancé also revealed what he finds attractive about her.


23-year-old Rosie and her man, Jeff, 25, shocked “This Morning” co-hosts and pretty much the rest of the world when they appeared on the show via video link to discuss their peculiar “feeder” relationship.



According to Daily Mail:

“Feedism is a sexual fetish where people partake in sensual feeding. It involves one partner being the 'feeder' encouraging the 'feedee' to gain weight for their own sexual arousal.”

The plus-size model said despite gaining a whopping 76kg to satisfy her fiancé’s fetish, she is perfectly healthy, and Jeff also agrees that their relationship is at a sexual peak.

Rosie, who now weighs more than twice as Jeff, explained that she’s not trying to gain any more weight. Currently, at 177kg, the mom-of-one said:


“I don’t want to become 600 pounds and bedridden, my goal is to be plus size and be happy and healthy. I am not gaining weight constantly. I am comfortable at the weight I am. I have stabilized it.”




Rosie also argued against folks who may say she and Jeff are irresponsible. She said they’re happy and content, and are not harming anyone with their actions.

But when co-host Philip Schofield asked if what she was doing is "responsible" considering that she has a young child, Rosie could not immediately answer.

Eventually, she replied, “If anything was going to be detrimental to my health such as diabetes, I would do something about that.”



Viewers watching the show immediately took to Twitter to call out the couple for their “absurd” lifestyle choices.

"I feel like she's being controlled and she's been actually brainwashed," one said, while another tweeted: “No, very wrong. She's putting her health at risk. Don't care how much you call it love, it's ridiculous.”




Schofield also asked Jeff, who works out four to six times a week, what he found attractive about Rosie. Jeff said:

“As you can see she is quite a large lady, it is hard to put a finger on it, she just floats my boat.”


Rosie insisted that Jeff was not the reason she is at her current weight, saying she would still be the same weight even if they were not together. Her body size, she claims, makes her feel “confident” and “sexy.”

“I feel more confident and sexy the more I weigh. I go out in a bikini to the beach like everyone else. I wear tight clothes like everyone else. I just feel comfortable in my own skin. If I was smaller I wouldn’t feel confident.”




Jeff, who moved from Holland to be with Rosie after meeting on a “feedism” website, also backed up his fiancée and argued that they were able to connect “on a deep emotional level before physical attraction.”


According to Rosie, she stays healthy and active by going on hikes and swimming. She also eats regular, home-cooked meals, but it is at night that the sensual eating of extra-large portions takes place.


Unlike Rosie, Rachel Krebs realized she was obese after weighing 229 pounds (approximately 73kg less than Rosie’s current weight). As a mother of two who wanted to stick around longer for her kids, she knew something had to be done.

Krebs then embarked on a disciplined weight loss journey that saw her shed a whopping 100 pounds.

Read more of that amazing story and see her body transformation pictures here.

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