Grandmother hears 'Sweet Dreams' and just can't keep her feet still

Nov 10, 2018
06:37 A.M.
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This grandmother became viral after a video of her dancing to “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This” by Eurythmics at a stadium surfaced


.Perhaps she may have felt the groove surging through her body and couldn’t help but dance to the beat even though there were many people around her.

At a game, the grandmother stole the spotlight when she started dancing by the sidelines.

Dressed in multiple layers of pink clothes from head to toe, you wouldn’t think that she had the courage to suddenly dance.

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Luckily, a bystander saw how granny was having the time of her life and decided to record her using her phone.


A lot of social media users gushed at how different she was with the other grandmothers since she obviously was not afraid to express her love for dancing. Her dance moves were not simple ones either.

As seen in the video, the grandmother is having fun busting the move, and you couldn’t help but smile as she puts her own twist in various hip-hop dance steps.

At one point, she even made the robotic motion and did various pop and locks. Surprisingly, she also did her version of Michael Jackson’s infamous moonwalk.

It’s somehow strange that nobody in the background seemed to care that she was dancing. The people appeared oblivious to her antics, and they looked as if they were focused on something else.


This stunned many viewers since watching a grandmother dancing by the sidelines is something you don’t see every day.

Nonetheless, the grandmother still made a lot of people happy, and she made people realize that age is just a number. You can still bust the move no matter how old you get as long as you remain passionate about it.


In another story, another grandmother became viral because of her reaction when she was reading a story to her grandson.

With a heavy Scottish accent, the grandmother struggled to read the story properly because she couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Supposedly, she found the children’s book to be very funny.