Matt Barnes gets sole physical & legal custody of his 10-year-old twin sons with Gloria Govan

Matt Barnes was awarded full custody of his children following claims that their mother, Gloria Govan endangered them. The former NBA player was also granted a restraining order against Govan. 

Matt Barnes is celebrating a win over his ex-wife Gloria Govan who lost custody of their ten-year-old twins. The former NBA player was awarded sole physical and legal custody of their two boys, according to TMZ Sports.  

Barnes posted a photo grateful to his “dream team” of lawyers who helped him win the case against the mother of his children. 

“Can’t thank you guys enough #GodIsGood,” he wrote. 


Apart from gaining custody of his children, Barnes was also granted a restraining order against Govan until May 2020. However, this does not extend to their children who will still get to see their mother through regular visitation. Govan is entitled to see them every other weekend from Friday to Monday morning. She was also allowed to have dinner with them on Wednesday evenings. Arrangements for holidays have yet to be agreed upon by the estranged couple. 


Barnes and Govan have been at odds for years. The tipping point came when Barnes accused Govan of endangering their children on the Friday before Labor Day. Barnes had a court-scheduled appointment with the children that day when Govan showed up to pick them up in school. The couple had an altercation where Govan allegedly became aggressive with her car, using it to prevent Barnes from driving off with their children. Barnes claimed Govan’s rage inflicted fear on their children and almost hurt one of them on the shoulders. 

Govan was later arrested for child endangerment but denied Barnes’ allegations prompting prosecutors to cease from pursuing criminal charges. However, on Thursday’s hearing, Govan was ordered to complete 26 sessions of anger management and 10 parenting classes. 


Govan is currently engaged to former NBA player and coach Derek Fisher, once a friend of Barnes. Fisher is taking Govan’s side and even involved himself in the custody case between the battling exes. In August, he shared text messages between himself and Barnes to the court, to help Govan’s case. His fiancé also asked him to testify on her behalf regarding an altercation he had with Barnes.

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