Derek Fisher supports ‘Basketball Wives’ star Gloria Govan in fight against Matt Barnes

Ra'eesah Manack
Nov 07, 2018
10:02 A.M.
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Derek Fisher made it clear whose side he's on when he decided to back his Fiance, Gloria Govan in the legal battle between her and his former teammate, Matt Barnes. 


Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes used to be on the same NBA team. Now, however, they'll be facing off in court.

Fisher is engaged to Barnes' ex-wife, Gloria Govan. Govan and Barnes are still locked in a messy custody battle.

The entire situation seems to have been pulled straight out of a tv drama. Especially since both Govan and Barnes intend to make Fisher part of the court case.



Govan and Barnes custody battle started after an incident in August. Both parents had turned up at the school to pick up the children however it was Barnes day to have the children.

He informed Govan that it was his day then proceeded to leave with the children. However, Govan flew into a rage and chased after them before blocking their car with hers.


As a result, Govan was arrested and charged with child endangerment. She also lost primary custody of her children.

Now she is fighting to regain primary custody of the children.  However, Barnes has decided to fight back.



Besides being former teammates, they were once friends. However, they had a massive falling out after Barnes found out Fisher was secretly dating Govan from one of his children.

They got into a physical altercation when Barnes drove over to his ex-wife's home and confronted Fisher. He punched him in the face in the heat of the argument.



Govan has called on Fisher to appear as a witness in court. She believes he will be able to testify in her favor.

It's not the first time she has turned to him for help, she previously turned to him in a case where she had charged Barnes with defamation. He leaked text messages between himself and Barnes to prove her claims. The texts included one that read:

 “But she’s mad at me cause I found out she stole nearly a million dollars forged my signature & stole my $$ to get her parent a night club & the house they live in.”


This time around she's relying on his testimony about the altercation between Barnes and himself. She is hoping his testimony will help her win over the judge.

However, Barnes is not giving up that easily. In an attempt to prove that Fisher should not be considered a viable witness, Barnes is relying on a DUI charge Fisher got in 2007 after crashing an SUV that was registered in Barnes' name.

The final court decision will decide the custody battle and whether or not Barnes will be granted a restraining order against Govan.