November 09, 2018

CA shooter identified as 28-year-old Ian David Long – a Marine maybe suffering from PTSD

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Ian Long, a retired Marine suspected of suffering from PTSD gunned down several people in California on 7 November 2018.

Ian David Long was a 28-year-old Marine that was on active duty from August 2008 until March 2013. He lived with his mother in Newbury Park and a neighbor had said that Long had frequent outbursts and known to kick the walls in his home.


His outbursts were well known around the neighborhood according to a neighbor, Richard Berge.

Late on Wednesday night, armed with a .45-caliber Glock 21 handgun which he legally owned and a ‘smoke device,’ he opened fire at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks.

The handgun was fitted with an extended magazine which is illegal and authorities still have to determine whether he reloaded during the assault.


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Long walked up to the entrance of the establishment where he shot an unarmed security guard. As he entered he shot other guards and employees. After which he went inside the bar and opened fire.

Shots got exchanged between Long, Ventura County Sheriff Sgt. Ron Helus and a California Highway Patrol officer.


After authorities entered the bar, Long was found dead inside an office close to the entrance. Sgt. Ron Helus later died at a hospital. Ventura County Sheriff, Geoff Dean said:

“We believe he shot himself. We don’t have any other details to confirm an exact chronology about what happened. We’ll provide that to you as we bring all our witness statements together and we feel more comfortable about talking about that.”


Ian Long shot and killed three cops and 11 other victims whose identity have not been released. The PTSD factor comes into play as there have been mass shootings by former military members who all displayed symptoms of PTSD.

Officials and his former roommate said on Thursday that they are of the opinion that Long may have been suffering from PTSD. Rumors were also among family members however he did not seem to exhibit the classic symptoms,

Earlier this year deputies from Ventura County Sheriff’s office checked in on Long after a neighbor complained of loud noises coming from inside the house. The deputies found him to be ‘acting a little irrationally.'



His former roommate, Blake Winnett mentioned that although he had never witnessed Long be violent he did have some odd habits and said:

“He was kind of weird. He always locked himself in his room, he was always by himself,” said Winnett. “I didn’t really know him very well.”

His mother Colleen had recently vented at a family wedding about problems she was having with her son although the specifics are unclear. Another veteran got arrested in September when his PTSD set in after being told his flight has been delayed.

Ralph Hernandez became agitated with the situation and threatened to kill the ticket agent at the gate.


Ralph’s wife, Carmen had dropped him and his emotional support dog named Dax off at the airport as he was going to visit his family. A fellow traveler recorded the incident that occurred around 2 pm and Ralph can be seen removing his pants as he yelled that he didn't have a bomb.


Air Force veteran, Ralph, became agitated and violent while being arrested. His wife Carmen said he had served in the US Air Force for 16 years during which he got deployed 6 times, he has recently retired and suffers from PTSD.

Ralph faces charges of aggravated assault, escape while transporting, and resisting an officer with violence. He got held in jail without bond pending a psychiatric evaluation.

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