Steven Tyler is an ordained minister now and he will marry someone for $200,000

Nov 09, 2018
11:31 A.M.
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The legendary Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, announced during an interview that he is now allowed to marry anyone as an officially ordained minister.


In an exclusive video interview with TMZ, the iconic rock star opened up about now being an ordained minister, who just married his son to a beautiful girl.

Tyler also flashed his Universal Life Church Ministries card before the camera before admitting that he could now marry anyone.

“I’m now an ordained minister and I just married my son to a beautiful girl,” he told TMZ.


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When the interviewed further inquired about how he got ordained, Tyler explained, “I went online – 80 bucks and I became a Father. God knows I’ve been a mother for so long! Me and Mick Fleetwood are going to marry people.”

In the brief conversation with the TMZ host, Tyler also talked about his plans for the Halloween. He talked about what he might dress up as during the occasion.


“I think I’m gonna go as Steven Tyler,” he joked in the interview. Tyler then added, “Either that or Mick Jagger.”

At one point during the conversation, Tyler was also asked if he would like to marry Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. He didn’t hesitate to agree. “I would positively do that,” Tyler stated. “Justin, you need to get married and I’m the man to do it.”


The interviewer then informed Tyler that he too is about to get married and question if he would be open to officiating the wedding. Tyler gladly accepted the proposition but then announced that his fee for officiating the wedding would be $200,000.

Meanwhile, Louder Sound reported that Tyler is all set to join his Aerosmith bandmates as they take to the stage at Park Theater at the new Park MGM resort in Las Vegas next year. The band will be playing 18 “Deuces Are Wild” shows in the city throughout April, June, and July in 2019.


Tyler is one of the most respected rock stars in the world of music. His contribution to music was celebrated in a special way, back in 2012, when he was one of the judges in the famous singing reality show, “American Idol.”