White woman calls police on black student trying to use the library as she didn't like his tone

Pablo Gonzalez, a black student at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, was involved in a racist incident as the librarian of the Law library called the police on him.

As Master of Library and Information Sciences student at the university, Gonzalez was correctly informed that he had access to the library. However, he revealed that he couldn’t swipe his student ID, so he needed to be buzzed in to gain entry most of the times.

When the incident took place (mid-October, 2018), he noticed that the door was open, so he just walked straight in. Once in front of the front desk, he showed his ID and told the librarian, Brittany McNurlin, that he was there to study.

Source: YouTube/Michael Harriot

Source: YouTube/Michael Harriot


Unfortunately, the woman told him that the library was only for law students and he assured her that he had permission from the faculty to use the facility. McNurlin was reluctant, and they started a lengthy debate about it.

Source: YouTube/Michael Harriot

Source: YouTube/Michael Harriot

After a while, she let him in. Gonzalez felt somehow offended by McNurlin’s way to address the situation, so he went back to ask for her supervisor’s card. The librarian first refused, but ultimately handed over the information. Gonzalez asked why she didn’t want to give him the supervisor's card, and McNurlin became frustrated and called the campus police because he was “argumentative.”


Gonzalez recorded the last part of the altercation and, when several police officers arrived on the scene to force him to leave the library, he decided to take the matter up with the human resource department at Catholic University. He admitted that they tried to dismiss the incident until he showed them the video. McNurlin was instructed to undergo more training.

The man finally revealed that it was not the first time he has experienced racism at the school, which was the reason he didn’t let that incident go. Unfortunately, he is not the only person who went through a similar situation.


In mid-October, a woman dubbed “Golfcart Gail” called the police on a black father at a soccer game because he was giving instructions to his son from the sideline. The woman, who was a field marshal, considered that he was actually talking to the referee, which is not allowed, so she called the police.


Corey Lewis experienced something similar. He was babysitting two white children when a white woman saw him, thought that it was strange, followed him with her vehicle, and called the police.

Lewis was forced to explain to officers that he was just working, and the children had to corroborate his story, as well. Those incidents are proof that racism is a real problem even now in 2018.

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