'Pushy' dad literally pushes his goalkeeper son to catch the ball

Jaimie-lee Prince
Nov 09, 2018
07:51 P.M.

This Wales dad just added something else to the long list of hilarious things dads. He pushed over his own son to save a shot.


The determined father was recorded as he committed the pushy act. Since its upload, the video has gone viral, garnering 16.8 million views as of today.

In the clip, a soccer ball is headed towards the goal. The little goalkeeper appears clueless or uncaring, it's unclear which one.

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Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

We're sure, however, that his father really wanted him to stop that ball. The father proceeds to push his son, who falls over and blocks the ball from entering the goal.

But in a twist, another player comes forwards kicks the ball into the net. Laughter from parents follows from the sidelines.


Irish Mirror reports that the video was filmed by Bethan Davies, the mother of another child. She said that the father did what he did because his son is always "the last to go in goal."

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

The youngster was walking away from his position when the shot was coming in. So the dad, Phil Hatfield, felt obliged to push his son Osian in the right direction.

Their team, Bow Street Magpies was playing Llanilar at the time. Both Aberystwyth teams consist of five and six-year-old kids who the mother said are "finding their feet."

The management of the Bow Street Magpies is trying to use the response from the video to get sponsorship for the aspiring footballers. They are looking for new equipment and kits.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

The act was funny to most, but some persons have made a case that parents should be less involved at such times.

In 2013, former England striker Gary Lineker referred to the practice as "utterly depressing."

He said that being a "pushy" parent took the fun out of playing sports for their kids. Instead of enjoying it they would be feeling pressured to win.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr


But sometimes dads do end up putting their skills to good use. While this dad couldn't help his son win, another saved his baby boy from serious harm.

Source: YouTube/ E Bites

In a clip shared online, a father used his quick reflexes to save his son. Little Noah, 2, fell out of his crib and would have landed on the ground head first, likely incurring injury.

Instead, his father Nicholas Lynch dashed forward and managed to catch the little boy before he hit the floor. The baby cam caught it all.

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

Lynch later said: "I’ve never made a rescue like that before and honestly, I don’t know if I ever wanna make another one.”

We hope that the football dad also never has to push his son over again. It's unlikely the boy enjoy falling into the grass.

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