Family searched desperately for the 9-year-old, but she was under the bed

Aby Rivas
Nov 09, 2018
09:32 P.M.

The anguish about for the disappearance of a 9-year-old girl lasted almost 13 hours. Then, when police got involved in the search, they found the little girl under a bed.


The little girl, identified as Naiara, was last seen at 6 p.m on Wednesday, as she played with some friends in the street near her house. Afterward, all the kids returned home, but when Naiara’s mom was looking for her later that day, she couldn’t find her.

The family from Wilde, a small Argentinian town, went frantic searching for the girl in every corner of their home and their neighbors’ houses.


Naiara’s mother, Eliana, revealed that the girl was mad because she didn’t take it with her to run some errands in the afternoon of Wednesday, and when she returned later that day, the girl was nowhere to be found.


The family called the police to make the missing child report, but the officers told them it was necessary to wait 24 hours before they could get involved.

People from the small neighborhood joined the search, and they even closed one of the main streets to make a vigil and pray for Naiara’s safety.


Only 13 hours had passed when the first patrols started to arrive at the place, trying to keep the family and neighbors in line and avoiding a major disturbance.


They started to search home after home looking for any sign of the girl when, suddenly, the news they all wanted to hear came from the most unexpected place: Naiara’s house.

Her grandfather and a police officer found the girl under a bed inside of her home. She had a pillow, a blanket, and a pink bag under the bed with her. According to Crónica HD, the girl got so scared by the way the police irrupted in the house that she wet herself and was visibly shocked.



Eliana said that she was “happy and relieved” about having her girl back. However, police took her to the commissary and the hospital to run some mandatory exams and make sure everything was fine with the girl.

Her aunt, Celeste, told local media that she was suspicious about the way her niece appeared. She said:

“I searched under the bed; my father did it as well. She wasn’t there. There’s no way both of us didn’t see her. Someone must have taken her and then sneaked her in somehow.”


Naiara said she was playing and fell asleep. She assured her mom she was okay.


On a similar but less eerily note, two sisters found each other when one of them moved into a new neighborhood.

Hillary Harris was adopted when she was just 1-month-old. She never asked about her birth mother, but she knew the day would come when she was going to dig about her past. That day came when got pregnant with her daughter, Stella.

She requested her adoption record and found out the name of her mom, her dad, and that she had two siblings. “Renee and Dawn… and then right here it says Dawn Johnson of Greenwood,” she told CBS.


Harris was never able to track down Dawn. And then one day, new neighbors moved in next door on their neighborhood in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She described the moment her husband Lance told her, "I met the neighbor. Her name's Dawn." "'Dawn from Greenwood?" she asked.

At her husband's clueless face, she said:

"'You don't get it?' He's like, 'What are you talking about?' And I pulled out all my adoption paperwork. And I said, 'Dawn. Greenwood. Sister, you know?' And he's like, 'Oh my gosh.'"


Harris texted Dawn asking for the name of her birth father, and when she replied with the name of her dad, Harris told her sister: “Oh wow, we have a lot to talk about. Can I call you?”

“That moment when I first embraced her in the driveway… I mean, it was amazing. It was a miracle," Harris said, adding, "I never knew I even wanted a sister. And I am so happy and so thankful to have her."

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