The story of how a 3rd-grader became a hero after saving her friend from choking

Claudine Varela
Nov 13, 2018
03:29 A.M.

A story of a third-grader saving her friend from choking proves that you’re never too young to be a hero.


9-year-old Kori Scott was honored by her city for coming to her friend’s rescue and ultimately saving her life.

Kori’s friend, Astah was eating a burrito in their school cafeteria when she began choking. Kori recalled Astah pounding on the table and that was when she knew her friend was having difficulty swallowing. Astah rushed outside to get a drink with Kori following behind her. Kori told CBS2 she saw Astah holding on to a rail and feared her friend would hit her head and pass out.

“So I pulled her over, did the Heimlich maneuver – one, two, three. But I did it one more time to make sure that she wasn’t choking.”

Soon after, Astah coughed out the food that was stuck in her throat.


Kori’s efforts saved her friends life and earned her praises from her school’s officials. Her mother revealed she learned the Heimlich maneuver from her father when she was three years old.

New Jersey Mayor Ted Green was equally impressed with Kori’s quick thinking and said she has “the character of a true hero.”To honor Kori’s bravery, Green appointed her mayor-of-the day. She’s been receiving requests for autographs from her classmates since then.



Kori is a shining example that it doesn’t take one to be an adult to be a hero. In fact, a little girl as young as four was hailed as a hero in her community when she was instrumental in saving the lives of her family members during a fire.

Mesha Farland was playing with her baby brother when she saw flames from inside their home. She quickly alerted her mother who rushed to evacuate the family from their burning house. Their house was damaged extensively, but thanks to Mesha, no one was hurt.


Meanwhile, apart from adults and children, dogs have become a big help in saving people’s lives. A family dog became a hero when he alerted the mother of her son’s seizure. Tracy Daniels was sleeping when their pit bull, Ember woke her up looking tense. Initially, Tracy didn’t think much of Ember’s demeanor and ignored him. However, the dog persisted and Tracy decided to follow him. He led her to the bathroom where Tracy’s son, Tre, was lying unconscious. It turned out Tre had a seizure and Ember witnessed it. It’s a good thing the heroic dog was smart and concerned enough to alert Tracy before it was too late.

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