Homeless man hailed a hero for helping to stop an armed 'terrorist' by using a shopping trolley

Pedro Marrero
Nov 14, 2018
04:49 P.M.
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An unexpected hero helped stop a terrorist with a shopping cart.


In a city as busy as Melbourne many curious things could happen. Unfortunately, a terrorist attack is not the exception in the list of events to which this location could be prone to suffer.

According to News Au, Hassan Khalif Shire tried to create an attack on one of the streets of the Australian city, but he never imagined that a homeless man who walked with his shopping cart would be the one to stop his plans.

Some people who were close to the incident could record with their cell phones everything that happened at the time, and this has caused a sensation. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.



Michael Rogers, a homeless man, has become a hero by tearing down with a shopping cart a terrorist who carried a knife with which he attacked three people and threatened the police. Although he continues to claim that he does not consider himself "a hero".

It all started when Shire Ali ran away when his car exploded to stab three people who were near the place; even killing one of them. It was thanks to Rogers that the police could shoot the terrorist.


"I've seen the trolley to the side and I picked it up and I ran and threw the trolley straight at him and got him but didn't get him down, the guy was out of control so I just went into action mode and tried to swipe him with the trolley." He said.


In gratitude for his brave act, some people agreed and raised more than $ 135,000 to give to Michael, and the figure keeps rising. For his act of bravery, this man is now nicknamed as "Trolleyman" (Cart Man).


"An incredible man named Michael Rogers of Melbourne, now known as 'Trolleyman' put his own life at risk of stopping a terrorist who was causing a fuss. Rogers boldly pushed a shopping cart to the terrorist in an attempt to help the police in his capture," said the GoFundMe page created by the Melbourne Homeless Collective.

Donna Stolzenberg, director of the foundation, recently spoke at 3AW and said that a check of over $ 100,000 could not be given to Michael as it would be dangerous, but they were going to talk about it to reach an agreement.



Although the police force is very grateful for the courage of Michael, the local commissioner, Graham Ashton, explained that this intervention could have ended with more serious consequences, reported News Au.

"I do not like to criticize people in that situation, he is acting instinctively on what he is seeing in front of him, but if a car had hit a member of the police and knocked him down and then this delinquent had been on top of him, we could have had a tragic consequence," Commissioner Ashton told.


Undoubtedly, this moment has caused different opinions, but thanks to that, it prevented a terrorist from causing serious damage.

This incredible story reminds us of a homeless man who gave his last money to a woman who had car trouble for gas. However, she repaid his kindness by setting up a GoFundMe page for him and they raised more than $300,000.

According to the woman, the kind homeless told her at the time that he wanted to live in Robbinsville, New Jersey and work at the Amazon warehouse because the company gives great health benefits to its employees. Now, he can have his dreams come true.