Woman nurtures a doll like a real baby after she finds out that she cannot have children

Rebelander Basilan
Nov 13, 2018
09:47 P.M.
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Marie Mango, from Kansas, USA, treated a doll named Bella as though it were an actual child to numb the agony of never being able to have a baby of her own.


After being told she was infertile, Marie, 38, endured years of grief. But now little Bella has brought happiness into her life, as reported by Mirror.

She would take the 18-month-old doll wherever she goes. Sometimes, even outsiders mistake Bella for a genuine little child.

Marie always loved being a mother. She believed it was her true calling.


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Even as a teen she became a babysitter, and at that time, she thought it would be an incredible practice for when she had offspring of her own.

Unfortunately, when Marie was 24 years old, she was diagnosed with Turner syndrome, which causes infertility.


The doctors then revealed to her that she could never have the capacity to have children.

The sad news caused Marie's world came crashing down.

In August 2010, Marie got Bella, the reborn doll she discovered on YouTube.


To fill the void left by her anguish, she now role-plays with Bella as though she is indeed her kid.

Meanwhile, the doll has helped her capture happiness in her life as if she were a real daughter.


"I'm still depressed but trying to capture any happiness with my reborn doll," Marie said. "I should put a disclaimer that no reborn regardless how realistic will ever fill that void of a real child, but it does help."

"My reborn toddler Bella isn't ultra-realistic, but she fools people a lot," she added.


Marie continued that she adores being a reborn mother at occasions.

"It's nice getting the feeling of others interacting with her, and it allows me to just get a glimpse of what it's like to be a real mum," she explained.

Marie regularly took to her Instagram account to share her adventure with Bella. Her loved ones are all supportive of her passion.