Steph Curry's wife Ayesha pulls her wig off while running & showing body in purple dress (video)

Ayesha Curry has never been shy about her true nature, and she made sure to show off her fun side when she posted a video of herself running and pulling off her wig in the process. 

Aside from being a caring mother to her three children with NBA superstar Stephen Curry, Ayesha is also a businesswoman, a celebrity chef, and a TV host. Although that might seem to be too much for a mother-of-three, she continues to pursue her passions as this is what she loves to do. 

That is why when she wrapped up a season of her show called "Food Fight" on ABC, she made sure to commemorate this with a playful video of her pulling off her wig while running to her trailer. In the video, she sported a purple dress, nude heels, and a long wig, which she pulled off and twirled in the air as she ran back to her trailer to pack up. 

According to Curry, this is how she feels about wrapping up the first season of her show. She also added that while her mother specifically asked her not to post the video, she was destined to show it off. 

"Also how I feel about wrapping the first season of @foodfightabc... (my mom said not to post this, but alas)"

Of course, wrapping up a season calls for a celebration, and that's what Ayesha did outside her trailer: pop a bottle of champagne for her and the rest of the crew. 

Now that Ayesha is taking a break from filming, she can now focus on the many other things that she does on an everyday basis, including supporting her husband Steph and the rest of the Golden State Warriors, or simply taking care of their three children at home as they all grow older. 

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