Gabrielle Union & husband share their experience of being parents of a newborn in recent pics

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade give the world a sneak peek of their lives now that their baby girl is with them at home. 

It's been days since the Wades announced that they welcomed a baby girl via surrogate, and since then, they have been quiet on social media, mainly because they've been trying to adjust to this huge change in their lives.

However, having always been open to their fans about the things happening in their lives, the pair gave their social media followers a glimpse of the newest addition to their family, and the two of them seem absolutely swept away by the little princess. 

Over the past weekend, they shared photos of themselves simply adoring the little bundle of joy they held in their hands, and we can't imagine a better feeling. 

Of course, trying to add some humor into everything, Union even joked that she has not taken a real shower nor brushed her teeth in days because she has been trying to tend to her newborn's needs. Nonetheless, she says that she is "in heaven". 

Gabrielle previously revealed that a disease that she's had since she was in her early 20's has caused her infertility, and it is something that she carries up until today. 

According to the actress, she suffers from adenomyosis, which is a condition wherein the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus which causes constant menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pressure, and extreme bloating prior to her menstrual periods and can result to having extended and heavy periods as well. 

While it is not fatal, the condition has extreme impacts on a woman's life, and the condition also messes with fertility. 

Despite this, the Wades were determined to have a child of their own, and so they resulted in surrogacy especially since they have tried many other ways to get pregnant, including IVF among many others. 

Now that their daughter is with them, the couple is extremely blessed and happy to have been given a chance to become parents with one another, and it's been the best feeling in the world for both of them. 

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